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Plait Baskets
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Plait Baskets

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The perfect accompaniment to your Large Plants. Plait is inspired by the traditional woven baskets of Indonesia, made contemporary with a simple band of white against the wicker. Each one has little handles which are both functional and decorative.

These baskets are made with woven fabric and specially lined to make them fit for plants. When watering your plants, we advise removing your plants from their decorative pot or basket and only returning them when water has stopped flowing from the growing pot.

Plait Basket Small:

  • Fits 20-21cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 26.5cm
  • Internal depth: 19cm

Plait Basket Medium:

  • Fits 22-24cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 29.5cm
  • Internal depth: 24cm

Plait Basket Large:

  • Fits 27-30cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 33cm
  • Internal depth: 26cm