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4 different sizes of black plant pots
Recycled Plant Tub Black
Extra small black plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Black
Campanulas in black pot
Small black plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Black
Medium black plant pot
Large black plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Black
Recycled Plant Tub Black

Recycled Plant Tub Black

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If your plant was missing a nice cosy place to live in, these recycled, weather-resistant tubes will be the perfect home! 

Super functional, they have their own drainage system which makes gardening easier and will help prolong your plants' life.

Your garden and indoor spaces will be even more stylish with the addition of these minimalistic and functional plant tubs! 

Each pot has its own character. They are sprayed one by one in a mould after recycled plastic and stone powder are mixed and set. 

Key Benefits — Stylish and weather-resistant! 

  • 100% recyclable and recycled! 
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Weather-resistant and frostproof
  • They will not discolour under direct sunlight. 
  • Planters are great if you live in the city and don’t have much or any outdoor space! 
  • Ideal for new plant parents! 

How does the drainage system work? 

Plant pots need good drainage systems to prevent water from clogging roots. 

The in-built system in these recycled pots is not visible on the outside. Excess water is kept in a reservoir, and it can be accessed when the plant’s roots are drying out.

Perfect for novice or forgetful plant parents, your green babies will not need to be watered as often! 

How to use

Simply slide the plant in its original growing pot straight into the new tub.

Care Tips: The Black Plant Tub

Before adding the soil and plant, fill ⅓ of the pot with hydro granules 

Although they are weatherproof, they were created with the indoors in mind. You can keep them outside, but if it starts to freeze, bring them in!  

Did you know? 

Growing plants in pots can help you control the quality of the soil as you’ll be able to choose the optimal conditions for them to grow.

Indoor plants enjoy music! Research shows that plants can sense vibration and music has a direct impact on their growth. 


Extra Small Fits 12 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 12 cm 

Internal depth: 9 cm

Small Fits 14 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 14 cm

Internal depth: 9 cm

Medium Fits 15cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 17 cm

Internal depth:  13 cm

Large Fits 19 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 19 cm

Internal depth: 16 cm

Your plant will love this functional and elegant recycled tub. Get yours now! Also available in other colours!