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4 different sizes of brown plant pots
Recycled Plant Tub Brown
Recycled Plant Tub Brown
Extra small brown plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Brown
small brown plant pot
Medium brown plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Brown
Large brown plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Brown

Recycled Plant Tub Brown

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For busy plant lovers and environmentally conscious people, this is the ideal plant pot!

These recycled plant tubs include their own drainage system, are stylish, lightweight and weather resistant. 

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, there is one for each plant! 

Key Benefits — Stylish and weather-resistant! 

  • 100% recyclable and recycled! 
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Weather-resistant. Will not discolour under direct sunlight. 
  • Ideal for inexperienced plant owners! 

How does the drainage system work? 

Excess water is kept in a reservoir to avoid roots from soaking. When they start feeling a bit thirsty, they can still ready the stored water for hydration. 

You can still drain the extra water if the pot is kept outside by removing the bottom tub.

How to use

There is no trick, easily glide the plant in the growing pot into the recyclable tub. 

Care Tips: The Black Plant Tub

Easy as 1, 2…

  1. Fill ⅓ of the pot with hydro granules 
  2. Add the soil and plant

If you keep your tub outside, make sure to bring it in if the weather is a bit frosty. 

Did you know? 

Plants were naturally never meant to grow indoors until the Egyptians started using plant pots to move them from one place to another. Later on, Romans discovered that plants would survive better in the winter if brought inside for the cold periods. 

Extra Small Fits 12 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 12 cm 

Internal depth: 9 cm

Small Fits 14 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 14 cm

Internal depth: 9 cm

Medium Fits 15cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 17 cm

Internal depth:  13 cm

Large Fits 19 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 19 cm

Internal depth: 16 cm

Modern and environmentally conscious, get your recycled plant tubs now!