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A green bee house with silver roof and bamboo tubes
Side view of a  green bee house with silver roof and bamboo tubes
Close-up of a green bee house with silver roof and bamboo tubes
close up of a green bee house with silver roof and bamboo tubes

Silver Bee House

Silver Metal roof

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Made of pinewood and metal this little house will bee the perfect addition to your garden.

Fuzzy moms will place their eggs in the small bamboo tubes and feed them with pollen and nectar. They will be buzzy in and out of the nest bringing food and protective material until their babies appear at the end of the summer.

Key Benefits — Eco-friendly and decorative.

Bees are some of the buzziest creatures in our environment. They​ improve the pollination of garden crops and flowers.
But due to environmental changes and the use of pesticides in agriculture, there's a decline in their numbers.
Help maintain these hard workers around giving them shelter with this lovely bee house.

  • Bees are great pollinators, they will help your garden with better flowers, thriving plants, and healthier vegetables!
  • They act as environmental indicators. The decline in bee colonies is a clear sign that something unhealthy or unbalancing is happening with our climate.
  • Suitable for beginners! Just hang the bee house up in a sunny sheltered area in your garden and watch bees filling the tubes during the warmer months.

Care Tips: The Silver Roof Bee House

  • Ideally, you should put your bee houses up in early spring, before the bees are active.
  • Place the bee house to face the morning sun, as hole-nesting bees need the sun’s warmth to give them the energy to fly.
  • Check that your bee house is accessible so in the colder months you can remove the nesting materials and store them in a warm, dry space.
  • Keep nesting materials in locations that have similar temperatures as your garden.
  • Remove and protect filled nesting holes in a fine mesh bag to help keep small parasitic wasps from attacking larvae.

Did you know?

Only female bees can sting. Solitary bees, the ones your new bee house is likely to attract, rarely sting. If they do it’s unlikely to be painful.

The buzzzz you hear is their wings beating 11,400 times per minute!

Good For You!

  • Connect: Maintaining a bee house can give you a sense of community. Bees are also a fascinating subject to study!
  • Relax: Watch your bee house tenants work, forget about your daily problems and feel at peace with nature.

Beneficial for your garden and the environment. Help the bees and get your Silver Bee House now!