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TEST product Large Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema 'Key Lime'

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Make your living space bright and vibrant with this uplifting variety of Aglaonema. The Key Lime has the Chinese Evergreen's characteristic growth habit: long leaves parting atop rhizomatic stems.

Each leaf has a shot of bright yellow running down the centre and along its veins. The stems themselves are a milky-white - a rare characteristic among houseplants.

This variegated Evergreen's leaves are lush and full, but its a compact houseplant and can be slotted into nooks and bookshelves, which I'll immediately brighten up!

The good news about Aglaonemas is they're very easy to please and will thrive in most homes and workplaces. These foliage plants are tolerant of low light conditions and sporadic care; they're perfect plants for the beginner but remain attractive to experienced hands. Plus, at this impressive size, they're well established and thus unlikely to fail anytime soon.

Pets and children: Toxic

Pot size: 24cm diameter

Looking for pots?

I fit best in pots 24-27cm.

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