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Wild At Heart Bundle

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Featuring our best-selling plant of all time, and a brand-new Calathea: the Ornata. The story of the Money Plant is an interesting one, it was only introduced to Europe in 1946 by a Swedish missionary travelling through China and didn’t become popular until much later. It has become a firm fave with plant enthusiasts in recent years and a popular propagation plant - just repot the babies that grow out of the soil! 

The Calathea Ornata is often called Pin Stripe Calathea due to the delicate pink lines on its leaves, that look hand painted. Even among the Calathea family of lookers, this one wins hands down.

What you get: Calathea Ornata in either Rock cement pot, Pink Bobble pot or White Bobble pot, Chinese Money Plant, Blue Speckle pot and Macrame Rope.