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Wow Factor Plant Bundle
Wow Factor Plant Bundle - Calathea Network
Wow Factor Plant Bundle - Australian Cheesnut
Wow Factor Plant Bundle - Begoniama culata
Wow Factor Plant Bundle - Hanging Hearts
Wow Factor Plant Bundle- Hanging Begoniama Culata
Wow Factor Plant Bundle with Hanging Hearts
Wow Factor Plant Bundle Accessories

Wow Factor Plant Bundle

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Houseplants are beneficial in small but impactful ways. Create a cosy home with this stunning plant bundle that will definitely impress your housemates and guests! 

The Wow Factor Plant Bundle Includes: 

Calathea Network | Calathea musaica

The Calathea Network has a distinctive cross-hatch pattern on its bright green leaves. The random placement of these squares makes it look like a mosaic or stained glass. 

Generally considered relatively easy to grow, the Calathea musaica is tough and resilient, so if you're new to the plant world or have a busy lifestyle this could be your match! 

Growing pot size: 14cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 35-45cm

Care Tips:  Calatheas can react badly to sudden drops in temperature and low humidity so don't keep it near a radiator or window. Find it a bright spot away from sunlight and let the top inch of soil dry out in between watering sessions. Mist it often to maintain humidity.

Toxicity: Calathea Musaica is not considered toxic for humans or pets but its leaves are quite delicate so, it's better to keep away from your ‘curious’ housemates to avoid any damage.

Australian Chestnut | Castanospermum australe

Technically, the Chestnut grown as a houseplant is still a baby plant, and the chestnut from which it grows is visible at the base of the plant. For this reason, it's sometimes known as the Lucky Bean or Jack's Beanstalk. It grows dense, glossy leaves on long stems and usually flowers in the summer, producing small or orange clusters of blooms.

Growing pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 25-30cm

Care Tips: This plant does well in bright spots and doesn't like environments colder than 10 degrees, but take care to keep it out of the midday sun, as that can damage its leaves. Regular pruning will keep them growing densely, and watering once per week is recommended.

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children.

String of Hearts | Ceropegia woodii 

Also known as Rosary Vine and Chain of Hearts, this succulent is a trailing plant with cute variegated mini heart-shaped leaves. 

Overall plant height including Kokodama:  15 - 20cm

Care Tips: The String of hearts loves warmth and bright light! It can tolerate direct light as long as it is not throughout the whole day. As a succulent, it’s happy to be on the dry side, let the soil dry completely between waterings. 

Pets: Safe for pets! 

Polka Dot Begonia | Begonia Maculata

An absolute show stopper! This Brazilian plant has green oval-shaped leaves with pointed ends and red undersides. Its main features are the white round spots on the overleaves. Spectacular! 

Overall plant height including Kokodama:  20 - 30 cm

Care Tips: Place it in a bright, warm and humid room away from sunlight. Steamy kitchens and bathrooms are perfect! When you feel that the soil is dry, give it a good soak. 

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children 

FREE Set of Fairy Lights

A delicate silver wire string of 40 LED fairy lights, in a warm white colour. Perfect for dressing up your new plants!

2 Recycled Black Plant Tubs

Extra Small (12cm)

Medium (15cm) 

2 eco-friendly, weather-resistant recycled tubes to home your plants nicely!  They also include a drainage system, so, if you are super busy with life’s commitments, excess water can be accessed by the plants’ roots! 

Upgrade your indoors with the addition of this incredible plant bundle. Available now! 

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