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A hexagonal shaped bee house with yellow roof
A hexagonal shaped bee house with yellow roof
Side view of a hexagonal shaped bee house with yellow roof
close-up of hexagonal yellow roof bee house with paper tubes

Yellow Bee House

Yellow Hexagon

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Place this adorable hexagonal yellow bee house in your garden and watch nature's pollinators improve your outdoor space!

Made of pinewood, this is the perfect little home for a variety of different winged friends! The small inner paper tubes will allow bees to burrow and nest. Soon, a new colony will be ready to make your garden thrive!

Key Benefits — Bee more sustainable!

Bees are some of the hardest working creatures in our ecosystem. They play an important part in the growth of plants, flowers and the fruits and vegetables we eat.
However, fast changes in farming methods are affecting the environment and reducing the worldwide bee population.
Take a step towards a more sustainable way of maintaining your garden and help the bees with this lovely addition to your landscape!

  • Bees pollinate flowers, helping your plants reproduce and flourish.
  • They don't only help the location where they're kept. They will gather nectar and pollen from miles, spreading diversity and sustainability throughout the neighbourhood.
  • Suitable for beginners! The house can be set up anywhere outdoors, as long as there’s food nearby.
  • If you have children, this is a lovely way of educating and distracting them!

Care Tips: The Yellow Bee House

Harvesting your Bee House: In the colder months, in a cool space, open the tubes or nesting blocks and scrape out nesting materials. Sort the cocoons from the debris.

Harvesting is a lot of fun, and it's something that kids can help out with!

Did you know?

Thousands of years ago, to collect honey, beekeepers moved from capturing wild nests to keeping bees in skeps, a type of basket which was made from straw, wood or wicker.

Charles Darwin kept his own hive in the garden of Down House. He had the help of his children to track the flight paths of Bumble Bees. It is bee-lieved that keeping bees helped him formulate his theories on evolution.

Good For You!

Connect: Just like caring for plants, caring for your new bee-hive will help build a nurturing relationship with nature.
Boost: Looking after living things and watching nature transform can help us feel more confident and in control of our lives.

Beneficial to your garden, educational for kids and the perfect gift for someone else or for yourself. Get your bee house now!