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Elephant Ear 'Red Secret'

English name:

Elephant Ear 'Red Secret'

Latin name:

Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret'

About me:

I am a rare Alocasia variety with metallic deep red and green leaves that are almost irridescent. Some even say I look spray painted!

Useful to know:


I am native to Borneo.


I will grow to 1m tall but am a slow grower.


I prefer a spot with indirect light. Please keep me far away from direct sunlight as it will scorch and fade my leaves.


Keep my soil evenly moist but make sure I'm never left sitting in water. Water me once the top 2cm of soil is dry.


I am not too fussy but prefer a room temperature between 16-24 C.


Half strength fertiliser every couple of weeks between March and September is plenty for me. Never feed me during winter as too much salt will accumulate in the soil and burn my leaves.


Cut off any withered or sunburned leaves and wipe me with a damp cloth to remove dust.


I love humidity so if you can, keep me on a tray of wet pebbles, near a humidifier or group me with other plants.


All parts of me are poisonous if ingested to keep me away from nibbly pets and kids.


Although I originally come from South East Asia, I was first grown commercially in Hawaii where I got the Hawaiian name 'alii' meaning 'king.' Click here to buy Alocasia Cuprea.

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