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Decorative Plant Pots

The best thing about buying a new plant? Buying a fresh decorative pot to match! The world of decorative plant pots is a beautiful place. Read More

Decorative Plant Pots

Weave Basket Ø 29 cm - Bloombox Club
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Weave Basket Ø 29 cm

Atlantic Pot Ø 15 cm - Bloombox Club
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Atlantic Pot Ø 15 cm

Sandstorm Pot Ø 14.5 cm - Bloombox Club
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Sandstorm Pot Ø 14.5 cm

Nebular Pot Ø 15 cm - Bloombox Club
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Nebular Pot Ø 15 cm

Weave Basket Ø 32 cm - Bloombox ClubWeave Basket Ø 32 cm - Bloombox Club
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Weave Basket Ø 32 cm

Velvety plant - Philodendron 'Micans' deliveryTrailing Philodendron 'Micans' plant online
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Philodendron 'Micans'

Plait Basket Ø 33 cm - Bloombox Club
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Plait Basket Ø 33 cm

Berry Pot Ø 15 cm - Bloombox Club
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Berry Pot Ø 15 cm

Ochre Ceramic Pot 'Venti' Ø 15.5 cm - Bloombox Club Ochre planter in ceramic - Colorful warmth tones for gardens
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Pearl Ceramic Planter  - sophisticated pearl TouchSophisticated Ceramic Pot 'Ecru Pearl'
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Seacliff Plant Basket Ø 23 cm - Bloombox Club
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Bengal Basket Black Ø 12 cm - Bloombox Club
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Bengal Basket Black Ø 12 cm

Monochrome Basket Ø 32 cm - Bloombox Club
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Birch Pot Ø 14 cm - Bloombox Club
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Birch Pot Ø 14 cm

Mellow Plant Basket Ø 23 cm - Bloombox Club
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Mellow Plant Basket Ø 23 cm


Until now! From ceramic to cement, from plant baskets to hanging pots, from sturdy to elegant, here’s everything you need to know about decorative plant pots, including top tips for picking your own…

But with all these amazing choices, it can be hard to pick the right one for your plant
Until now! From ceramic to cement, from plant baskets to hanging pots, from sturdy to elegant, here’s everything you need to know about decorative plant pots, including top tips for picking your own.

What are the different types of decorative plant pots? 

Plant pots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which is why picking the right one for your plant is such an important task. Here are some of the key names…


Ceramic pots are loved by planters all over the world. They are durable, heavy pots that come in glazed and unglazed forms. 

Unglazed ceramic plant pots are more porous and will allow water and air to move through the sides of the pot, which is good for your plant. However, this porous quality does mean that unglazed ceramic pots tend to absorb more water than other pots (taking it away from the plant). 

Glazed ceramic pots are different. Compared to their porous counterparts, they don’t necessarily wick water from the soil, but they can restrict the airflow. Glazed pots also come in many beautiful designs and patterns, so they can be the most showstopping pots. Take this blue Atlantic Pot or this dappled Quartz Pot for example.


If you are looking for something a little more minimal, a cement pot may be for you. Typically left undecorated, cement pots are made from - yes, you guessed it - cement, and they tend to create a more stripped-back industrial look in your home. 

Cement pots are also great for plants during cold winters. Why? Because their density keeps soil insulated. They’re also heavy, durable and porous pots, which again makes them great plant holders. The Rock Pot, Jimmy Pot, and Cubo Pot are all great examples of classic cement pots!

Plastic Pots

For a lightweight plant pot option, a plastic pot may be the one for you. Like glazed ceramics, plastic pots are less porous options, making them a great choice for plants that love water. They are also extremely lightweight and easy to move around, meaning they are a flexible choice for your home. 

Plastic plant pots are often specifically designed to be extremely functional. Take this Recycled Plant Tub Teal for example. Not only is it weather resistant, but it also contains its own drainage system. If that isn’t easy gardening at its finest, we don’t know what is! For larger plastic pots, try on these Recycled Coaster Plastic Pots for size. 

Plant Baskets

Plant baskets are another great way of displaying your plants. They are typically woven from rope or fabrics and are lightweight and breathable plant-potting options that are easy to move around. They come in lots of designs, from a Jute Basket to a striped Weave Basket, to a colourful Marrakech style pot! 

Decorative plant baskets are almost always lined with a plastic lining to catch all of the soil or water. It’s best to check this lining regularly to make sure water isn’t left in there to stagnate! 

Hanging Pots

Looking for some elevation? Try a hanging pot. Hanging pots are a great option if you want to play with the interior design levels in your home. They are typically made of lighter materials (like this Metal Lunar Hanging Pot) but they can also be made of ceramics (like this Glazed Hitch Hanging Pot). 

The specific properties of each hanging pot will depend on the material it is made from, however, in general, hanging pots are great ways of making the most of an empty wall and creating a floor-to-ceiling plant experience! 

What should I bear in mind when choosing a decorative plant pot?

No one type of decorative plant pot is better than another. Instead, they all have their own pros and cons. Here are some key things to bear in mind. 


When it comes to plant pots, size really does matter. A tiny plant in a massive plant pot will just look silly. Additionally, if your decorative plant pot is too small, your plant will have no room to grow. If your plant pot is too large, the soil may retain too much water and the roots may rot.

It is best to choose a plant pot that fully supports the current size of your plant, and no larger. When this plant starts to get too big for this pot, it’s time to re-pot it into a larger one. Make sure to provide lots of breathing room to give it enough natural air.

Plant type

As we mentioned, different types of decorative plant pots are good for your plant in different ways. Therefore, it’s important to think about your plant's needs before you buy your pot. If your plant loves water, a glazed ceramic pot or a plastic pot that does not wick water is likely to be your best option. But if your plant doesn’t need so much water, a more porous concrete pot will do the trick!

Where are you going to put it?

When you buy a plant, think about the placement before you buy your decorative plant pot. If you want your plant to make a statement, why not pick a hanging pot? Or, for a floor staple, a heavy ceramic or concrete pot may be your best bet. If you think you might like to move your plant around, opt for a woven basket or plastic pot! 

How does it look? 

Finally, a decorative plant pot is meant to be decorative. The clue’s in the name! So, whether you want to fun colours and textures of glazed ceramics, or a minimalist concrete statement, pick a plant pot that you love! 

How should I pot my plant in a decorative plant pot? 

Whether you are a seasoned plant expert or a first-time plant novice, knowing how to make sure your plant gets the right amount of water is a necessity. So, before you pot your plant, get your drainage system right.

Most decorative plant pots don’t have their own draining systems. This means that it is best to put a pot within a pot. Leaving your plant in its original growing pot and then positioning this within your decorative plant pot means that it has space to drain and can also be easily repotted when it gets bigger. 

There are some exceptions. The Recycled Plant Tub in Teal is designed with its own drainage system. Additionally, if a ceramic or cement pot has holes in the bottom, it can be used without a growing pot too. But most indoor decorative plant pots don’t have these holes, so sticking to the pot within a pot method is the way to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my decorative plant pot outdoors? 

Whether or not your decorative plant pot can be put outdoors will depend on the plant pot. Most decorative plant pots cannot be put outdoors as they risk breaking in the winter. However, there are some outdoor options. Plastic pots, like the Recycled Plant Tub in Teal, can withstand all weather conditions, and other pots like these Unbreakable Pots are designed to literally be unbreakable! 

Does pot material matter for plants?

The short answer? Yes. Different pots have different properties which affect the way that they interact with the soil, the water, and the air. So, it is possible to buy a pot that is more suited to your plant type. However, don’t worry - picking a pot you like the look of rather than thinking about its materials won’t kill your plant, it’s just an added extra! 

Is it good to put indoor plant pots out in the rain?

Most plants benefit best from a regular amount of watering and time to dry out in between. This means that even though it might seem like a good idea, putting your indoor plant out in the rain might be too much for it to handle. It’s best to keep to regular watering schedules - this will also reduce the risk of your decorative plant pot getting worn down by the rain too! 

Can I put decorative pebbles on top of the soil in my decorative plant pot? 

Putting pebbles on top of the soil in your decorative plant pot can have pros and cons. On one hand, it can keep insects away and improve water retention. However, on the other hand, it can also make the soil too hot, and stop it from absorbing oxygen efficiently. So, if you love the look of pebbles in your decorative plant pot, feel free to give it a go - just keep a close eye on your plant to make sure it is happy and healthy! 

Can I water my plant in its ceramic pot?

You can water your plant in its decorative ceramic pot. However, be aware that when you do this, the water will sink into the material and may cause damage to the glazing. You should also be careful not to damage the furniture below your pot.