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Boston Fern | Sword Fern: Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Green Lady'
Boston Fern | Sword Fern: Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Green Lady'
Boston Fern | Sword Fern: Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Green Lady'
Boston Fern | Sword Fern: Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Green Lady'

Boston Fern

Sword Fern: Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Green Lady'

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Are you ready to enjoy the air purifying effects of one of the most popular houseplants available in the UK?

Do you want to feel refreshed when you step into your home, knowing that the air is clean and pure?

The luscious Boston Fern, also known as the Sword Fern, brings a splash of life to an empty wall or a dusty shelf. It can help you make this dream a reality.

Sword Fern

Key Benefits  Breathe In...

The Boston Fern not only purifies your air but looks good doing it. It has elegant flowing foliage and a keen appetite for water. That means tending to the Boston Fern delivers more benefits than most.

  • One of the best air purifying plants around.
  • A healthy appetite for water makes it a brilliant humidity regulator
  • Elegant flowing leaves will leave you feeling calm and serene.
  • Fill a dusty wall with vibrantly green life in a simple hanging basket.
  • Alternatively, let the plant flow out from a high shelf. 

Plant Care Tips: The Boston Fern

A native of tropical regions across the planet, the Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Green Lady' loves a humid atmosphere. This makes it a great choice for the kitchen or bathroom.

Find your Boston Fern a bright spot with indirect sunlight and water when the top of the soil starts to dry out. This could be two to three times a week in the summer but less so in the winter.  

  • Growing pot size: 17cm plus hanging hook. We advise buying a larger decorative pot size as the lip of the hanging pot makes it slightly bigger
  • Overall plant height including growing pot: 30-40 cm
  • Pets: Pet friendly 

The Boston Fern Story

Where Am I From?

In the wild I'm a bit of a globetrotter and can be found in tropical regions from Africa to America to Australia.

I love places with plenty of moisture in the air and tend to stick to humid forests and marshy swamps. That doesn't mean I won't fit right at home inside though. If you wouldn't mind, a steamy kitchen or bathroom would be perfect! 

Who Am I?

I have to admit, I just can't get enough of that wonderful liquid H2O! If you could keep me topped up throughout the warmer months, I'd be much obliged. Mind you, a soggy bottom is a step too far!

I like to sleep a little during winter, and while you may think I've gone into a permanent sleep, wait until it warms up before chucking me out! Make sure to give me some water to keep me going too though, make sure my soil stays moist to the touch.

I may not be a sun worshipper, I do enjoy a bright spot of filtered light. That's why the bathroom can be a good choice – not too bright, not too dark. 

I boast a wild array of pretty fronds, but don't touch them! Unless you want me to go brown, let me do my thing and we'll be great friends :)

Why I'm Good For You!

  • Vitality: my vibrant green foliage has been scientifically proven to make you feel good! By triggering an immune response in your brain, I can cause you to feel vital and healthy, just like me!
  • Perspective: I am alive, and this very fact has a significant impact on your general awareness. By being in the presence of plants, you can feel more embedded within the ecosystem and part of something living and breathing.
Boston Fern

Is The Boston Fern The Right Plant For Me?

The Boston Fern is a popular plant with a unique personality. Perfect in humid, steamy rooms where you may not think a plant would do well, it can provide some vibrancy in an otherwise lifeless room.

What's more, with it being one of the best air-purifying plants around, it naturally cleans the air you breathe. 

What's more, the Boston Fern is a thriving joyous plant, with its pretty foliage growing up to 250 centimetres in length.

If you're looking for a glorious addition to a humid room, look no further than the Boston Fern. 

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