Bloombox Club was created by Dr of Psychology Katie Cooper. Having seen first-hand the life-changing effects of plant-care, she decided to spread the word about the benefits of surrounding ourselves with nature.

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Breathe, restore & boost

How plantcare affects your wellbeing

Surrounding yourself with plants brings huge benefits - cleaner air, mood improvements, reduced stress levels and, of course, a better looking home. But when we start applying conscious attention to plants, and nurturing specific plants, the most intense wellbeing benefits are felt. Caring for a living thing gives us a purpose and encourages us to be more compassionate to ourselves.

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Plants and the workplace

Increase productivity and reduce stress

We spend a huge amount of time tied to our desks, staring at computers in sealed-off environments which lack daylight. Bringing nature into your workspace can have a huge impact on your wellbeing. Plants have been shown to increase productivity and creativity, whilst also reducing stress-levels, making us happier and more effective workers.

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Plantcare from A - Z

All you need to know about your plant

No two plants are the same. Some of your green friends are jungle dwellers, others prefer a desert; some love the sun, others not so much. Our A-Z guide has all the tools you need to keep your green friends happy.

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Online plant delivery

Bloombox deliver everywhere in the UK

Bloombox Club has been delivering indoor plants across the UK since 2015. Since our first order, we've sent tens of thousands of plants to customers all over the country. We package in secure, environmentally-conscious material and deliver nationwide using courier firms. If you'd like more information on our packaging, or help with your order, please contact us.

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A word from our founder

I founded Bloombox Club after working as a psychologist and introducing plants into my therapeutic practice. In some cases, the act of nurturing plants was the only thing that allowed me to get through to my clients. Having looked at the extensive evidence linking plants to improved health, and seen the effects of active plantcare firsthand, I am convinced that nature can have a profound impact on our wellbeing.

Time and again, scientific research has shown that houseplants reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and boost our wellbeing. The demands of our fast moving lives mean less of us are taking the time to connect with nature, when it couldn’t be more important to do so. I feel passionately about the power of plants and Bloombox Club is a means of sharing that far and wide.

I very much hope you enjoy your plants and the wellbeing benefits they’ll bring.


Dr Katie Cooper, Founder of Bloombox Club