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How Our Subscriptions Work


We source unique, eye-catching and easy care indoor and outdoor plants for your home.


Choose from a range of subscription and payment options and we'll deliver your plant to your door.


You enjoy the wellbeing, positive effects of having plants in your life and make your home beautiful!

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Care Cards

We want your planting "know-how" to grow & thrive along with your plants, that's why our indoor subscription plants come with their very own keepsake Plant Care Card. Care cards for all of our plants (outdoor subscription included) can be found online at our Plant Care Hub and don't forget we constantly provide fresh and inspirational information about plants and planting ideas on our blog.

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A recipe for health and happiness

I founded Bloombox Club after working as a psychologist in London for several years and seeing the invaluable benefits plant care brought to some of my clients' health. It is a hugely effective hobby for wellbeing - a kind of active meditation.

The fast pace of our modern life means that taking a moment to reconnect with nature is more important now than ever. Planting has been shown to reduce the levels of stress hormones and increase the production of happy hormones in the brain. Plants improve our immune system, are natural mood moderators and some can even purify the air we breathe.

We very much hope you enjoy your plants and the wellbeing benefits they will bring you. Happy planting!

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Dr Katie Cooper, Founder

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