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Living Room Plants

Living rooms are multifunctional spaces where we might snuggle up on the sofa, entertain friends, work, or even exercise. Dr. Katie Cooper has collated this collection with each of these functions in mind. The patterns, colours, and/or forms of these living room plants will help you create a calming and restorative environment. Scroll down if you're looking for some ideas!

How to Pick Plants For Your Living Room

As living rooms are multifunctional spaces, you want to create an atmosphere that promotes a relaxed yet wakeful state. You should be able to feel lively enough to face the day ahead yet calm enough to curl up on your sofa. The plants in this collection do a bit of both, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect green companion(s) for you.

Plants have specific environmental needs, and each home is different, so take stock of what your living room is like and consult our advice below. Remember: the best way to understand your plant’s needs is to think about the environment it comes from. And don’t panic! Plant care isn’t as hard as people think. First and foremost, think about the atmosphere that you are looking to create. Then, choose the plants that will foster this quality.

Plants for Sunny Spots

If you have an empty spot on a windowsill, you could fill it with a sun-loving succulent! The Spiral Cactus is one of those no-fuss indoor plants that will be very happy in a warm room with lots of sun. With its unique, spiralling body, it's an unusual succulent that will last for years to come.

For plants that like it warm, look no further than the Banana Plant. You might not get any fruit from this plant, but its stunning foliage will make more than up for it. This plant does tend to get thirsty quickly, so water it as soon as the top layer of soil is dry. Its tropical look will bring warmth into your home, no matter what season it is.

Beautiful Plants for Bright Rooms

Many plants will thrive in a spot with indirect sunlight, where their leaves and stems don't have the sun shining directly on them. Add a bit of structure and a splash of bright green into your plant collection with the Golden Goddess Philodendron. Let the plant grow by watering it regularly and keeping it in a spot with some bright indirect light.

Plants can benefit your physical wellbeing by filtering toxins out of the air, keeping them out of your lungs. This is part of their natural 'breathing' process. A plant that is particularly skilled at it is the Snake Plant. It's a super low-maintenance plant that loves a spot on your shelf with medium light. A beautiful green wonder that you'll love for its sculptural simplicity.

Spaces With Little Light

You might have an empty corner that doesn't get much light over a day. Some tough plants tolerate these low light conditions. One of those is the ZZ Plant, also called Emerald Palm. It's got glossy green leaves on upright stems that will brighten up any room.

How These Living Room Plants Care for You

Adding to your plant collection, and making it more diverse, has the power to trigger positive cognitive responses. According to psychologists, this stems from our ancestors, who would have known subconsciously that a biodiverse area would be healthy and habitable. Use a variety of sizes and colours to create a green oasis in your home, which will help to boost your wellbeing.

Certain forms, patterns, and colours found in nature have been shown to lower systolic blood pressure and activate our alpha response, which means that we are relaxed yet wakeful. We've selected the plants in the collection above to help you create a calm and revitalising space. Every single one of them has specific characteristics that will help foster one or the other (or both!).


Spending time in nature is known to reduce stress, improve focus and boost mood. But you don’t have to move to the woods to get these benefits - indoor plants have been proven to produce the effects too. Evolutionary psychologists have shown that top-heavy, large plants induce feelings of calm and safety. The Alocasia wentii is one of those plants: its dark green leaves might remind you of Elephant Ears and are a great way of adding structure to your plant collection.


Plants are a great way to compliment your interior design and bring everything together. Not all plants have to be green! The Cordyline Mambo is a great plant that will brighten up your home with its maroon-coloured foliage. It's a very versatile plant that tolerates various light levels. Just leave the soil to dry out between waterings.

Try grouping some plants with different shapes and colours together to create an extra bit of drama. This will make your living room unbelievably luscious and vibrant. Plants with bright green foliage benefit you by triggering an evolutionary response to help you feel vital and healthy. One plant that will brighten up your space is the Philodendron Green Princess.


Fractal patterns are patterns that could repeat indefinitely. Especially in conjunction with nature, these patterns positively affect our mental state. This is due to an alpha response that becomes activated, putting us in a relaxed yet wakeful state. By introducing this pattern into your living room, for example with the Calathea Flamestar, it can help you focus your mind.


Have you ever seen a plant whose leaves change form when you look at it from different angles? Okay, we may be being slightly hyperbolic, but we’re big fans of this rare Alocasia. The Alocasia Red Secret has nigh-on effervescent leaves, which are sultry and glossy. The deep red-green foliage catches and reflects light in a jaw-dropping way.