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Living Room Plants

Living rooms are multifunctional spaces, where we might snuggle up on the sofa, entertain friends, work, or even exercise. Dr. Katie Cooper has designed our Living Room Collection with each of these functions in mind. Certain forms, patterns and colours of plants have been shown to lower systolic blood pressure and activate our alpha response, which mean that we are in a relaxed yet wakeful state. These plants will help you create a living environment that is both calming and restorative.

My living room is looking like a green oasis thanks to Bloombox.


How these living room plants care for you



The shape of my trunk and canopy triggers an evolutionary response that will help you feel calm and safe



The bright green colour of my foliage colour triggers an evolutionary response that will help you feel vital and healthy



My naturally occurring fractal patterns activate your alpha response, putting you in a relaxed yet wakeful state

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Plants in your living room

When thinking about how to furnish your home with plants we recommend you consider what type of atmosphere you want to create in your home environment, and then choose plants with properties that will foster this atmosphere. The main function of a living room is to provide a space that promotes a relaxed yet wakeful state simultaneously; somewhere you can feel calm enough to curl up on the sofa yet lively enough to face the day ahead.

Creating a balance

Plants can help with all these things, and, in the collection above you will find an edit of plants that through certain characteristics of themselves will help to evoke feelings of vitality, calm, and the coveted feeling of inhabiting a relaxed yet wakeful state. To learn more about the science behind the wellbeing benefits of plants, please visit this page here.