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Cactus Plants

Fishbone Cactus in a Kokodama bowlFishbone Cactus in a Kokodama pot
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Coral Cactus bundle

Fishbone Cactus | Epiphyllum anguliger

Fishbone Cactus


Some cacti are called succulents because they have a more swollen or plump appearance than other plants. When in doubt, just remember that almost all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Night flowering cactus, Christmas cactus, cactus jack… There's also just so many! Did you know that there are over 2,000 species of cacti?

Cactus plants often serve a decorative purpose. They bring life to table spaces and rooms. They’re also low maintenance and it won’t be too terrible if they happen to experience some neglect. They’re great for accompanying other plants because, while you’re tending to the more demanding requirements of your other houseplants, your little cactus is happily thriving on its own.


The cactus is found almost everywhere. Every continent except Antarctica has them. You may have the idea that they come from only the driest of places like the desert. They actually don’t! Where some plants simply won’t grow, the cactus plant sometimes can. 

They can even live for about a couple of years without water (but that’s depending on the surrounding area). That’s because they have water-retaining features - which is why they’re great for warmer and drier climates. Although they are tough, they do need to have some conditions to grow.  

Do Cactuses Prickle Your Fancy?

Cactus plants are a great addition to any home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Most cactus plants are known to grow tall. Some succulent cacti grow in width. Start off with a bit of research and you can settle on one that you can start with. Once you start with one, you’ll get the hang of how to care for your prickly friend. Eventually, you can start grafting your own cactus

They’re Prickin’ Awesome

What’s the appeal? Seasoned enthusiasts love the flowers that bloom from cacti (although these blooms rarely appear with indoor cacti). 

The cactus symbolizes wise spending in Chinese Feng Shui. Some even say that with proper decorating and Feng Shui flow built around the cactus, you will be able to balance the house energy flow, redirect negative energy, and create a better environment that brings in wealth.

Aside from looks and symbolism, the cactus gives you oxygen just like other plants. They’re not merely for decoration. You can fill your house with cacti (if that’s your thing) and still get all the lovely oxygen you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all cacti prickly?

Surprisingly, no! We all commonly associate cacti with the thorns and spines, but some species actually don’t have any of those, like the Mistletoe Cactus.

I have pets, should I worry?

If you have the thorny cactus plants, you should! Pets may paw at your lovely plants and the cacti certainly fights back! Generally though, they are not toxic if consumed. If your furry friend happened to chew and eat some cacti, you may see signs such as excessive salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, stomach pain, and nausea. 

How easy are they to care for? 

Cactus plants are definitely low maintenance. But, frankly speaking, you can’t just leave your cacti in the corner and expect it to grow without a little TLC. You have to water them every now and then.

How Often Should I Water My Cactus?

If you live in warmer climates, make sure to water (but don’t overwater) once a week or two weeks. The cactus can and will store water. It will also show signs that it is losing water when it is. If you notice a bit of discoloration and drying up happening, that may indicate that your little cactus plant is drinking up water. If you want to learn more about watering tips, you can always refer to online sources.

It Died - Did I Do Something Wrong?

We can neither confirm or deny anyth- Oh, you meant your cactus plant? That sucks. Overwatering and infestation is a problem often plaguing cactus owners. Maybe you’ve encountered one of them? Sometimes, we think that we’re not watering our green friends enough, but remember, they can survive the desert!

Wait. Infestation? What Does That Mean?

While cactus succulents are generally considered to be unkillable, they do have their kryptonite. Some conditions may lead to conditions like the cochineal scale. Other common infestations are pests! Check for common pests like mealybugs and scale insects. Spider mites and fungus gnats may also show up, but these are less likely to happen. If pests appear, just spritz the plant with a spray containing 3 parts alcohol mixed in 1 part water. Then, swab any insect spots with the same mixture. Keep a close eye on potential recurrence.