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Bedroom Plants

There's nothing better than waking up after a good night's sleep, and it all starts in the bedroom! To help you drift off, experts advise the following: prioritise airflow, maintain healthy humidity levels, and leave technology on the other side of the door. Research also suggests that plants can help optimise your sleep experience. In this collection, you’ll find plants that respond to the rhythms of night and day, humidifiers and air-purifiers - the dreamiest bedroom companions!

Plants in Your Bedroom

When it comes to sleep, everyone’s a little different. The most important thing is to find a routine that works for you and stick to it! Secondly, turn your attention to your environment and work to create an atmosphere that helps you relax. Plants can be a great way to influence the mood of your interior space. Most of the plants in this collection are more tolerant of shade – so go ahead and pick one that suits you best.

Plant For Your Dresser

Plants bring life to your home. In the case of these two beauties, there's no denying it! The Australian Chestnut is in its infancy – you'll still see the fruit your plant grows from at the base. As it's a true Aussie, you should make sure it gets bright indirect light to let it mature. In the wild, it can reach crazy heights; however, in your home, you'd need to re-pot it to encourage further growth.

Another plant we want to introduce you to is the Pygmy Pineapple 'Amigo'. This kooky, ornamental-fruit-bearing plant will bring a tropical atmosphere to your bedroom, reminiscent of holidays in the sun! With the right care, you'll soon find its pups in the soil. They'll grow into whole new plants, so by re-potting them you get a new addition to your collection.

Beautiful Hanging Plants

Make your bedroom super dreamy by introducing some trailing plants. They foster a peaceful atmosphere, so it's easier to switch off after a busy day. Let their vines trail along your bed frame or hang from a high shelf. Adding greenery to your bedroom promotes sleep regularity whilst having a calming effect on you.

If you're looking for an evergreen plant with unique blossoms, then you're going to love the Lipstick Plant. It is native to the tropical forests in Southeast Asia, where it grows on tree branches. With proper care, it will carry vibrant red flowers every year, transforming your bedroom into a green oasis.

Tall Statement Plants

If you've got an empty corner, add a tall plant to create a homely atmosphere that puts you at ease. Having indoor plants helps to forge a connection with nature whilst vitalising the nurturing side of you. Top-heavy plants, like the Swiss Cheese Plant, induce a sense of safety and calmness. It's a natural response we've inherited from our ancestors.

Another tall plant that prefers the shady areas of your home is the Frozen Planet Plant. It has beautiful maroon stems which hold majestic, heart-shaped leaves on their ends. Let it arch over smaller counterparts or keep it alone – be sure that this gorgeous plant will catch your eye whenever you're getting ready for bed.

Good Sleep Hygiene

We recommend prioritising airflow, healthy humidity levels, and a balanced sleep-wake cycle for good sleep hygiene. The plants in this collection have been selected to improve your sleep regularity. They may have an outstanding ability to purify and/or humidify the air, or they overtly share their own circadian rhythms with us.


Transpiration is the process of plants losing water through their leaves. Doing so increases moisture levels in the air which can benefit your physical health. Both your skin and your respiratory system will love a bit of extra humidity in your home! Particularly during winter, when your heating dries out the air, plants can help alleviate dry skin and tickly coughs.

Elegant ferns bring a calming but revitalising atmosphere into your space. With their thick, dark green fronds, the Mother Fern will not just be beautiful décor but also boost humidity. With its mass of foliage, this plant is a mighty air-purifier, so you'll breathe fresh, clean air in your sleep.


In a ground-breaking study, NASA found clear evidence to support the idea that plants improve air quality by filtering nasties and expelling clean air. Plants have tiny pores on their foliage, allowing them to absorb CO2 and expel clean oxygen (like an inverse of our breathing process). That's why it's important to dust your plants every once in a while! When plants 'breathe', plants also remove toxins from the air.

One of the top air purifiers in the above study was the Snake Plant. Sansevierias have expansive fronds embedded with tiny pores through which they purify the air. The Snake Plant Laurentii is a tough and low maintenance plant, so dimmer rooms like the bedroom are not an issue for this green wonder.


Surrounding yourself with plants can be very beneficial for your mental wellbeing. One of the many ways bedroom plants can help is by reminding us that we're part of a greater ecosystem. Before going to sleep, this broader perspective can help us let go of the trifles of your day. Embrace it, notice how your mind calms down and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Some plants have a visible response to the time of day. They close their leaves shut and take themselves to bed at night to then open them up again in the morning. Calatheas are one family that follows this pattern. The Calathea Bluegrass is a variety of this family with green, elongated leaves on upright stems. Discover your connection to nature and welcome the shared daily routine of you and your Calathea.

If you're lucky to have some extra floor space, fill it with its taller cousin, Calathea Maui. Native to the tropical forests, this beauty offers a stunning foliage that will lift any bedroom's interior. The leaves are deep purple on the underside and have various shades of green on the top. Like its cousin, it'll have its own daily routine you can observe.