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Snake Plant Zeylanica's green laeves
Snake Plant Zeylanica in white and green pot
Snake Plant Zeylanica closeup
Snake Plant Zelanica in a black and beige basket
3 plants including cactua and sansevieria

Snake Plant Zeylanica

Sansevieria Zeylanica

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The Snake Plant Zeylanica is a great choice for homes and offices alike. It requires very little care and it can survive in a variety of environments. 

I am similar in height to my cousin the Laurentii, but my leaves are fully green, with horizontal rippled stripes that alternate in shades of silver and greyish-green.

We tend to associate foliage plants with air purification, but Mother-in-Law's Tongues have been linked to absorbing a wide variety of toxins, and are well worth investing in if you're looking for a natural air purifier. 

Growing pot size: 17cm 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 45-55 cm

Key Benefits — Purifying  and Dusting 

Sansevierias are some of NASA's star pupils when it comes to air purification, they absorb toxins and expels clean oxygen making the air you breathe safer!  

Its waxy leaf surface attracts dust removing it from the air and keeping it away from your lungs. A great plant for those who suffer from respiratory problems as well as for everyone else! 

Plant Care Tips: Snake Plant Zeylanica 

  • The Snake Plant Zeylanica will only need watering once every 10-14 days in summer, and as little as once every 6 weeks in Winter. When you do water, don’t be afraid of giving your Snake Plant a good drink; just make sure it doesn’t sit in the excess.
  • Snake Plants are reliable in low-light conditions but they do prefer light! If you have the option of placing a Sansevieria in a bright room (away from direct sunlight) it will reward you with a much quicker growth rate. 
  • Temperatures of 15 to 23ºC are preferred. Avoid going under 10ºC
  • During the growing season, feed it with a weak dose of a general-purpose fertiliser once a month. 
  • Remove dust from the leaves with a clean damp cloth. 
  • There’s no need to repot this the Zeylanica, it will thrive if its roots are bound 

The Snake Plant Zeylanica Story

Zeylanicas flower straight from the soil but this is extremely rare. 

Where is it from?

Tropical West African Region.

Who is the Snake Plant Zeylanica?

Zeylanicas are the type of plant that don’t appreciate having their fray tips cut back. It will respond by worsening the problem. The best thing to do is to accept the little imperfections. 

Good For You!

  • Colour: Colour is important to our quality of life and mental health. Green foliage causes instinctive reactions that help us feel safe!   
  • Relax: Plants help us alleviate the body’s responses to stress and feel more relaxed! 

Is The Snake Plant Zeylanica The Right Plant For Me?

Snake Plants are some of the best succulents at adapting to indoor environments. They can endure in low light conditions without suffering. So if you’re looking to introduce plants into a workspace or studio which lacks natural light, this is a great one to consider.

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

How tall does it grow?  This exotic slow-growing plant can grow up to 1m in height.

Useful to know:


Tropical West African Region.


I could grow to be as tall as a meter, but I am quite slow growing.


I am best in moderate to bright, indirect light but I can adapt to low light conditions too, so I'm a good choice if you have a difficult environment.


During spring and summer months, keep my soil moist, but not wet or I'll get root rot! This should be about once every 10-14 days. Over winter, allow it to dry out completely before watering moderately (around once a month or so).


I'm happy anywhere from 15-23°C and can be in temperatures as low as 10°C for short periods.


Apply a weak dose of cactus or general-purpose feed once a month at most during the growing season. Sansivieria are low maintenance plants and do not require a lot of supplementary feeding.


Remove dust by wiping my leaves with a soft, damp cloth.


Don't repot me in anything too big, when I outgrow my current. I thrive — and may even go into bloom — when my roots are crowded.


I can cause stomach upset if eaten by pets or humans, so I'm best kept out of reach.


I may sit quietly for months and years at a time, but then one day, I'll throw a surprise at you, throwing out a slender flower stalk – straight up from the soil and covered in buds. After several days, creamy white lily-like flowers will open, with the most pleasantly sweet fragrance. If this happens take pictures because it may not happen again for years! 


Easy to care for, impressive air clearing benefits and gorgeous! Add the Snake Plant Zeylanica to your basket NOW!