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Mister Bottle for Plant Care
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Mister Bottle for Plant Care

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Block of solid soil in packagingCompact Soil (Expands to 10 Litre) - Coconut Soil
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Compact Soil (Expands to 10 Litre)

£6.95 £8.00
4 reviews
Organic Plant FoodOrganic Plant Food
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Organic Plant Food

6 reviews
Orchid Nutrition Spikes | Pokon 24pcs
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Orchid Nutrition Spikes

Garden Scissors | Bring your plants in shape!Garden Scissors | Bring your plants in shape!
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Garden Scissors

1 review
Green Plant Nutrition Spikes | Pokon 24pcs
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Why Do We Need Plant Pots And Accessories?

We've curated the best selection of pots and accessories for you to choose from! We carry watering products, fertiliser, soil, and much more!

If a chef needs his knives, then a gardener needs his tools! Whether you’re taking care of an indoor garden or lawn, the right plant accessories can make everything easier. Plant accessories can cover everything from indoor plant pots to garden shears to compact soil.

Although you get plants as healthy as can be when you buy indoor plant pots in the UK here at our website, they still need a little hello to stay alive! That said, you can use everyday items to help you do the job (like cups and bowls) to water your plants. But, sometimes, it’s best to have indoor plant accessories designated for the job.

Check out the Pots & Accessories collection at Bloombox Club! You can have them delivered together with your new plants. If you’re just starting out, our club is the best place to start!

How Do You Maintain Plant Pots and Accessories?

The secret to keeping your plant pots in pristine condition is to care for them! Simple as that. The indoor pots for plants that we have in the UK are likely to get water damage given the weather. That means you need to give them a wipe when you’ve noticed they’ve gone dirty or keep them dry so that they don’t stain or rust (if you’ve got metal ones).

As is the case for most indoor plant pots in the UK, they could become a home for baby mosquitoes. If you have pots with a water reservoir, you have to clear them out frequently. Don’t just keep watering and watering without throwing away the leftover water.

As for garden shears, keep them away from moisture. Wipe away all moisture especially if you’ve just used them on freshly watered plants. That can cause them to rust and they could end up stiff. If you keep using your garden scissors, they will also go dull - that’s natural! Just sharpen them and you’ll give them new life.

How to Choose The Right Pot and Accessories For Your Plant?

If you're choosing indoor pots for your plants in the UK, a good rule of thumb is to get one that’s about one to two inches larger than your plant. Get a home that allows your plant to grow! 

Drainage is also important to consider. If you need your plants to retain some water, get a pot that has fewer drain holes. A pot with a water reservoir can also be helpful for this cause!

The materials that make the pot can also be helpful! Clay pots, plastic pots, ceramic pots, and even metal pots have their own unique properties that make them useful for certain plants. 

For certain plants, spraying and misting are also needed. If that’s the case, a dedicated mister bottle can be helpful! For every little thing your plant may need, there’s bound to be a perfect accessory for the job!

Check Out Our Most Popular Pots and Accessories

Nano Pot

Simple, classy, and elegant, this nano pot can be a perfect home for your little green friend. This ceramic pot is particularly perfect for orchids!

Tumbler Pot

A beautiful dense terracotta pot, the tumbler pot has a glazed and textured look. Each pot looks different because each pot reacts slightly differently during the firing process. Plus, there are three different colours available!

Birch Pot

The birch pot is a minimalist piece of decor that comes in five sizes. Get them in extra small, small, medium, large, or extra-large! It is white in colour and is made from ceramic.

Recycled Plant Tub

Although it’s a recycled plant tub, it’s still weather-resistant. This won’t discolour under direct sunlight. It’s also lightweight. Get it in different colours and sizes too!

Orchid Nutrition Spikes

What exactly are orchid nutrition spikes? It’s a fertiliser that you insert into a pot so that your plant can feed on the nutrients! 

Organic Plant Food

This organic plant food is a complete nutrient solution. It encourages healthy growth of decorative and edible plants. Houseplants only need one drop a week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Indoor Plant Pots Need Holes?

They do! If there are no holes in your pots, your plants might get waterlogged. Not all plants need pots with holes, such as aquatic plants.

Generally, though, plant roots don’t like sitting in water. That’s because the surrounding water could hinder them from getting air - which they need! Indoor plant pots of all kinds tend to have drainage holes.

How Can I Decorate Using Indoor Pots?

A good go-to is to match the colour of your pots. Your plants can come in multiple colours, even the leaves. That natural pop of colour can be aesthetically pleasing, so best to not mess with it! Match the pots instead.

Uniformly-sized pots don’t always look good. Different colours and sizes can look better than you think! 

What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Plants?

Keeping indoor plants can improve your air quality at home! Also, they brighten up your place naturally. A pop of green can help improve not only your decor but also your mood! Caring for indoor plants may also reduce stress and fatigue.

Sometimes, plant care can also serve as therapy. By caring for plants, your mind can clear and you can focus!

How Do I Make Plants Healthy?

Plants need two basic things. That’s water and light! Not all plants like direct sunlight and not all plants need tons of water. By learning what your plants need, you’re one step closer to keeping them healthy!

Your plants also need occasional trimming and even wiping, depending on how dirty they get. You can also give them a little bit of food in the form of fertiliser!

Should I Use Soil or Rocks In My Planter?

On the matter of rocks, you may have heard that adding a layer of rocks or gravel at the bottom of your pot may improve drainage. That’s not actually true! Draining can actually just depend on what soil you get.

That said, you want to keep the soil inside the pot! Again, skip the rocks and gravel. Keep the soil in your indoor plant pots by adding some packing peanuts, folded coffee filters, or cut styrofoam instead. They work better in keeping the soil in while allowing water drainage!