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Large Indoor Plant Pots

There’ll always come a time when your plant outgrows its old home. When that happens, you’re in a little bit of a pickle. How do you choose a new suitable home? What material is best? How can you tell whether a pot is large enough when bought online? 


Read through our guide and all your answers will be solved! We have ceramic pots and baskets, all made for plants with a diameter larger than 15 cm.

Ceramic Pots

Who doesn’t love a beautiful ceramic pot? They come in all sorts of colours and give your interiors that striking edge. Round, tapered, glazed and unglazed, we stock them all. Here’s how to choose the perfect one for you:

First and most important, you want to choose the right size. Unsure how? Take a look at our Pot Size Guide to get your match made in heaven. Now that that’s out the way, let’s delve in!

Rounded and tapered pots: 

Their slightly unusual shapes add an elegant and modern look to your interiors. They’re the perfect centrepiece to show off your plants! Just make sure that the internal diameter is larger than the growing pot, and you’re good to go. Add an edge of class and elegance with the Bianca Pot, or throw in some gorgeous dark tones with the Merry Pots collection.

Unglazed Pots: 

Unglazed pots are porous, have water-wicking properties and are typically better for dry-loving plants. This is great for succulents, cacti and snake plants. They’re also perfect for those who over-water their plants! You may want to check out our Sandstorm and Nebular pot collection if this sounds like a little bit of you!

Glazed Pots:

Glazed pots are all about COLOUR. They’re shiny, vibrant and ever so eyecatching. Glazed pots retain much of their water and are more ideal for water-loving plants. Think spider plants, ferns, philodendrons and monsteras. Note: you have to be careful with how much you water your plants! 

Our Quartz range comes in all shapes and sizes, and you can mix & match to create cool and funky tiered styles. Or maybe opt for something with a bit of texture, like our Grid, Venti Ochre or Birch Pots.

Basket Pots

Do your interiors need a rustic, down-to-earth look? Then our basket pot range is made just for you! Jute baskets are perfect for a classic, simple style, whereas the Weave and Monochrome baskets add a slightly more modern and contemporary feel. Our large basket pots come in 3 different sizes, as well extra large!

All of our basket large indoor plant pots come with a PVC lining. That way, the materials are protected from water and soil damage, plus they last for longer! Please note: It’s always recommended to keep your plants in their original container, so you can drain off excess water.


Q1: What’re better, glazed or unglazed large indoor pots?

When choosing a pot, you want to choose one that suits your watering style best. Do you overwater your plant babies, or do you often forget about them? Unglazed pots are more breathable and have water wicking properties, whereas glazed pots retain all the water. Whatever your style, there’s always something for you. 

Q2: Do our large indoor plant pots have drainage holes?

Most of our pots don’t have drainage holes. We always recommend keeping your plant babies in their original growing pots, so you can easily drain excess water. In fact, it’s best to actually take the plant out of its decorative pot and water by the sink. That way, all excess water will be drained and you’ll have happy plants!

Q3: Can you plant directly into a decorative pot?

Whilst we don’t really recommend it, you most certainly can. Just make sure to monitor your watering happens and try not to overwater, as this can kill your plant. You can also place some broken terracotta pieces at the bottom of your pot, as well as use a well-draining soil mixture.