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Bengal Basket - Black
Bengal Basket - Black details
Bengal Basket - Extra Large
Bengal Basket - small
Bengal Basket - small brazil
Bengal Basket - Medium
Bengal Basket - Extra Large Cordyline
Bengal Basket - Green
Bengal Basket - Green Small
Bengal Basket - Medium
Bengal Basket - Green Medium
Bengal Basket - Green Detail
Bengal Basket - Burgundy
Bengal Basket - Burgundy Small
Bengal Basket - Burgundy in Group
Bengal Brown - Medium

Bengal Basket - Multicolor

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Made with natural fibres, our Bengal Basket will add a stylish, earthy look to your home. Whether you're after that toned down look or you want to add a bit of flare to your home, this tasteful woven basket will add interest without clashing.

The woven basket base is offset with a contrasting herringbone pattern, and smooth texture. The Bengal Basket even has two small handles, which will come in handy if you ever decide to transport your plant and add to its rustic appearance.

Our baskets are specially lined to make them fit for plants, but when watering, we advise removing your plant from its decorative pot or basket and only returning it when water has stopped flowing from the growing pot.

Small Fits 10-12cm growing pots

  • Opening diameter: 12cm 
  • Internal depth: 11cm

Medium Fits 13-14cm growing pots

  • Opening diameter: 14cm 
  • Internal depth: 13cm

Large Fits 15-16cm growing pots

  • Opening diameter: 16cm 
  • Internal depth: 15cm

Extra Large Fits 17-19cm growing pots

  • Opening diameter: 19cm 
  • Internal depth: 18cm

This basket is available in other colours!