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Plant & Pot Combinations

Plant & Pot Combinations

Struggle to find the perfect match? We love to make your life easier!

This time, our plant experts have put together the Plant and Pot Combo Collection, filled with ideas on plants that are the perfect match for their pots and groups of lovely plants with something in common. Here you can find our Unkillable Plant Bundle, the Ultimate Snake Plant Bundle, and our Eco-friendly Kokodamas too. All of them ready to style your home and bring life to your space immediately.

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Snake Plant Laurentii &  Jimmy PotSnake Plant Laurentii &  Jimmy Pot
Save 0
Clusia Princess with round cement potClusia Princess round leaves
Save 8%

Clusia Princess & Jimmy Pot

£43.80 £48.00
2 reviews
Philodendron 'Imperial Red' & Sandstorm PotPhilodendron 'Imperial Red' & Sandstorm Pot
Save 10%
Small banana tree in square pot BreezeSquare white pot ideal for small plants
Save 0

Banana Plant & Breeze Pot

Snake Plant & Yin Yang BasketSnake Plant & Yin Yang Basket
Save 0
Golden Pothos with Moss Pole in blue basketGolden Pothos with Moss Pole leaves
Save 5%
Aralia in round blue-silver glazed potround blue-silver glazed pot
Save 0

Aralia Fabian & Stitch Pot

Greysy & Cubo Pot Two Cubo Pot
Save 10%

Greysy & Cubo Pot

£26.95 £30.00
2 reviews
Philodendron Narrow Escape in round ceramic potPhilodendron Narrow Escape big leaves
Save 0
Alocasia in round pot with white black patternAlocasia 'Regal Shields' with Bamboo pot
Save 10%

Alocasia Regal Shields & Bamboo Pot

£54.90 £61.00
Unkillable Plant BundleUnkillable Plant Bundle - Milestoe Tub Green
Save 0

Unkillable Plant Bundle

Alocasia Wentii with basket and misterAlocasia foliage
Save 9%

Alocasia Wentii & Basket with Mister

£49.95 £55.00
The Ultimate Sansevieria BundleThe Ultimate Sansevieria Bundle
New in!
Save 16%

The Ultimate Sansevieria Bundle

£99.95 £120.00