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Aralia Fabian & Stitch Pot
Aralia Fabian Plant & Stitch Pot
Aralia Fabian Plant with Stitch Pot
Aralia Fabian Indoor plant
The Aralia Fabian & Stitch Pot

Aralia Fabian & Stitch Pot

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A plant and pot combination for warm positive energy!

The Aralia Fabian is a beautiful little tree with circular leaves in deep green and maroon. Thanks to its pleasing, regular foliage, this plant is sometimes called 'Dinner Plate Aralia.' According to feng shui, the Aralia Fabian brings warm positive energy - something we could all benefit from in these strange times. We've paired it with the textured and blue-silver glazed Stitch Pot.

Combo includes: Polyscias scutellaria 'Fabian' (17cm) & Stitch Pot

Decorative pot size:

Overall plant height including decorative pot:

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

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