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Kitchen Plants

Bring Your Home to Life

The kitchen is typically a hive of activity in a home. It’s where we go to nourish ourselves and to socialise. Evidence suggests that we are still physiologically hardwired to equate certain colours of plants with nourishment. What's more, plants are a great thing to bond over, whether that’s with your guests or your householders. That's why our collection of kitchen plants brings together varieties which will enhance your feelings of connectivity and vitality.


How These Kitchen Plants Care for You

When thinking about how to furnish your home with plants, we recommend considering what atmosphere you want to create in your home environment. It’s the ideal base for choosing plants with the desired characteristics. A kitchen is a place to feel nourished and connected, such positive states are known to have a good influence on our eating habits.

Plants can help with all facets of the feeling of nourishment. Through their colour, they can enhance feelings of health and vitality. That’s also how the emotional uplift from spending time in nature is explained. By caring for your plants, you can learn to deepen your connection with nature, as well as with your body and other people.

Connectivity and Nourishment

Through nurturing your green oasis, you build a deep-rooted connection with them. By looking after your plants, you feel more connected to nature. This can be a great way to escape hectic everyday life, even if it's just for a few minutes. Some plants, like the Peperomia Caperata ‘Schumi Red’, have a very inviting texture of leaves. Touching them can help you to tap even more into the nurturing energy you have started to build.

With the kitchen likely being the heart of your home, you’d want to make sure that the greenery is edible for your four-legged friends. Many of the plants in this collection are edible for pets. Especially potted plants, like the Calathea Flamestar, are a great way to introduce warm colours without having to watch your pets 24/7. Put it in a spot with bright indirect light and see how the plant grows.


Psychologists say that adding the colour green to your interior help make it feel vibrant and healthy. Thanks to our adaptive responses, we have learnt to associate vitality with green leaves. The Crispy Wave Fern is bursting with life and strength. Its thick, bright green leaves are ideal for lighting up a spot in the corner in your kitchen: in essence, it’s a kitchen plant that’s easy to care for.

The premise of Feng Shui is that your surroundings affect the flow of energy (in the room and within yourself). The Money Tree is a sturdy plant that’s said to bring you prosperity and happiness. Whether you believe there to be some truth to it or not, we’d encourage you to take the time into creating an atmosphere that you’re most comfortable in.

Another avenue to go down if you’re looking for plants that will bring life to your space, are prayer plants! The Calathea Bluegrass moves its leaves throughout the day by opening them up every morning to catch the light. Besides looking great, it’s also particularly good at filtering out pollution from the air. Since it has a lot of leaves (and thus plenty of tiny pores) to act as an air purifier.


Whether you’re steaming some dumplings or just letting some chilli stew, your kitchen will likely be filled with condensation from time to time - an environment which rainforest plants love! Why not mist them with a bit of water every once in a while so they feel extra homely?

Some research shows that getting to know your plants and understanding their preferences can help build grey matter in your brain! Plus, as you build a relationship with your plants, you’ll intuitively understand them better, meaning better growth all round. The Elephant Ear might need an extra bit of love sometimes, by dusting its leaves off and misting. But consider it a fair deal: it will collect dust that might otherwise land in your lungs!

Another group of humidity loving plants are ferns. These look great in a hanging basket, in case you’ve got plenty of other plants scattered around your kitchen already. If you are ready to introduce a bit of a jungle look into your kitchen, then the White Rabbits Foot Fern is the perfect choice for you.

We have one more gem that would do nicely in your kitchen. The Snake Plant ‘Fernwood Mikado’ likes a bit of humidity but we’d recommend to spoil it with water only occasionally. In that regard, it's similar to cacti. Its long fronds have shades of blue and green, so in combination with a beautiful pot it’ll be a fabulous addition to your kitchen!