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Kitchen Plants

Bring Your Home to Life

The kitchen is typically a hive of activity within the house. It is where most go to nourish themselves and to be sociable. Evidence suggests that we are still physiologically hardwired to equate certain colours of plants with nourishment. What's more, plants are a great connector. That's why the collection of plants below focuses on ones that will enhance your feelings of connectivity and vitality.


My house looks so much more lush.

Anjali, via Trustpilot

How these kitchen plants care for you



The bright green colour of my foliage colour triggers an evolutionary response that will help you feel vital and healthy



My texture invites direct contact through touch, which will help you build a nurturing relationship with nature



I am fussy by nature, so I need a little extra attention. This kind of active plant care can support gray matter in your brain

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Plants in your kitchen

When thinking about how to furnish your home with plants we recommend you consider what type of atmosphere you want to create in your home environment, and then choose plants with properties that will foster this atmosphere. A kitchen is a place to feel nourished and connected, such positive states are known to have a good influence on our eating habits.


Plants can help with all facets of the feeling of nourishment. Through their colour they can enhance feelings of health and vitality and through plant care we can learn not only to connect better with nature, but each other and also our body.