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Snake Plants

Snake Plants

Start your home reset with these Dreamy Structural Plants! Our Snake Plant Collection, also known as Sansevieria, combines plants that give that Modern Green Art vibe and overnight pure oxygen to your home.

Get inspired by one of the interior design easy-care favourites, the Sansevieria versatility and "plantsonality" will fill your space with modern architectural feelings while purifying any space. Navigate this easy cool collection through shapes, tones, light levels and sizes.

Boost any space with Sansevierias and select your alltime favourites! We will deliver them in complete safety to your home. Read More

Sansevieria Metallica with fairy lights and ceramic potSnake Plant Metallica
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Snake Plant 'Metallica'

Moonshine Snake Plant | Sansevieria trifasciata - Bloombox Clubsilvery  Snake Plant moonshine - Ethereal Aesthetics
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Snake Plants FAQ

What Are The Most Popular Snake Plants?

We mentioned earlier that there are tons of snake plant benefits and snake plant varieties. We don’t have time to go over every single one, but we did come up with a short list of some noteworthy ones! 

  • Fernwood Mikado - The Fernwood Mikado is a wonderful snake plant! This is a bit unique because its leaves are slimmer compared to other snake plant varieties and they have tiger-like stripes. It’s quite rare to find Fernwood Mikados so consider getting one if you do come across one.
  • Zeylanica - Quite the perfect representation for most snake plants, the Zeylanica is low-maintenance and robust. A lot of newbie plant parents start off with this one. It’s quite hard to “kill” this plant. So, if you happen to do so, that’s quite an unwanted achievement. Like we said, the Zeylanica is very tough.
  • Snake Plant Laurentii - Widely popular for being beautiful and low-maintenance, this plant boasts beautiful leaves and a unique name - some people call it Mother-In-Law's Tongue! You can choose between a large snake plant or a small one here at Bloombox Club, as well as one that comes in a sustainable Kokodama pot!
  • Moonshine Snake Plant - If you want something new, then this is it. You won’t find a lot of Moonshine Snake Plants in the UK just yet, so snatch one up and he first among your buds! Plus, this snake plant has pretty, silvery-green leaves that go well with any decor.
  • Cylindrical Snake Plant - This snake plant has long and thin leaves that are pleasing to the eye. Plus, they remind us of a bucket of fries - yum! The Cylindrical Snake Plant is a tough and low-maintenance plant - just like most snake plants are.

Is It Good To Keep A Snake Plant In The Bedroom?

You bet! While they did get a bad rap for being “unlucky” because of some Feng Shui beliefs, snake plants are wonderful plants to keep at home, especially the bedroom. If you think about it, it’s actually good luck to have this air-purifying plant at home! After all, what could be better than clean air?

How Many Snake Plants Do I Need To Purify The Air?

You might be wondering this after seeing a couple of NASA viral posts recently. While NASA did do some research regarding great air-purifying plants to have, they did not necessarily test how many snake plants are needed to purify the air in a single room.

Realistically, some studies have shown that you’ll need hundreds and maybe even a thousand air-purifying plants to even see actual results - and that would be impractical!

However, rest easy knowing that snake plants help clean the air of benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. 

How Tall Can A Snake Plant Grow and Should I Be Trimming It?

As long as your pot allows them to grow, the snake plant will! With enough real estate, your snake plants could grow up to 8 feet!

While you certainly want your snake plants to grow tall and beautiful, they may need trimming every once in a while if they have grown too tall. No need to worry, pruning is easy! Just take clean and sharp shears and remove overgrown or damaged leaves. Given that snake plants grow from the bottom, however, you should never trim your snake plant from the top because it will won’t grow back. Be extra careful when trimming so you don’t damage any adjacent leaves!