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Calathea Plants

Explore the enchanting world of Calatheas with Bloombox Club, where we bring the vibrant spirit of the South American Amazon into your home. Our carefully curated Calathea collection showcases the beauty of this diverse genus, boasting over 25 varieties that captivate with their stunning foliage. As members of the Marantaceae family, Calatheas are well-adapted to thrive in the shaded, humid conditions of the jungle, making them the perfect addition to your indoor plant oasis.

The allure of Calatheas lies in their intricate leaf patterns and a kaleidoscope of greens, pinks, and purples. Witness the mesmerizing dance of their leaves as they open in the day and gracefully close at night, earning them the nickname "Prayer Plant" for their resemblance to praying hands. This unique behavior has also imbued the Calathea with symbolism, representing new beginnings and the metaphorical turning over of a new leaf – making it an ideal gift for those embarking on a fresh start.

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Calathea Plants

Calathea Plants

Calathea 'Bluegrass' Plant - Fuzzy  FoliageCalathea Bluegrass Plant - Tropical Fun
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Calathea 'Amagris' -Tropical Patterned plant Calathea amagris - Intricate tropical plant
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Calathea 'Amagris'


At Bloombox Club, we've placed the Calathea in our Restore plant section, recognizing its remarkable ability to purify the air by removing toxins. Embracing its inbuilt circadian rhythm, this plant harmoniously mirrors human cycles, making it a delightful companion in your living space.

Caring for your Calathea is a breeze with our expert tips. Shield it from direct sunlight to preserve the luster of its leaves, and during the growing season from March to October, ensure the soil remains consistently moist. In the dormant period, allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Elevate your plant care routine by indulging your Calathea with regular misting to maintain its lush appearance.

Connect with the spirit of the Amazon and enhance your living space with the grace of Calatheas. Elevate your indoor plant experience with Bloombox Club, where we offer a diverse range of Calatheas to suit every style and preference.