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Plantcare from A‑Z

Grow your green fingers with our massive A-Z of plants - find all the care tips you need to keep your plants happy

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Terrarium Plants: How To Choose Them, And How To Care For Them
What Is A Terrarium? So first up, what is a terrarium? This might seem like a simple enough question, but the better you understand the answer, th...
Vanilla Orchid
(aka Vanilla planifolia)
I am a climbing orchid and one of the main sources for vanilla flavouring. I have long trailing vines with narrow leaves that finish in a point. Va...
Calathea 'Silvia'
(aka Calathea Roseopicta 'Silvia')
You can tell I'm a Rosepicta because I have little lines coming out from the centre of my leaves. My leaves are purple underside, while on top, pal...
Chinese Evergreen
(aka Aglaonema 'Diamond Bay')
I am one of 21 members of the Chinese Evergreen family. We are all tough, good looking and the perfect combo of striking foliage and low maintenanc...
Dwarf Kowhai 'Little Leaf'
(aka Sophora prostrata 'Little Leaf')
I am an unusual plant with zigzagging branches and tiny leaves that sprout even more tiny leaves. My delicate looks make me a minimalist's dream! ...
Desert Rose
(aka Adenium obesum)
My common name is misleading - I am in no way related to a rose, but am actually a succulent. You may also hear me referred to as Mock Azalea and S...
Dark Green Beetle Radiator Plant
(aka Peperomia angulata ‘Rocca Scuro’)
I am a lesser seen member of the Peperomia genus. I sport fine, neatly-traced  leaves on long hanging stems. Useful to know: Origin I am from Per...
Sensitive Plant
(aka Mimosa Pudica)
I'm famous for my shy sensibility. If you run your fingers along my leaves, they'll clam up, bashfully. To look after me well, keep me in a warm, h...
Torch Aloe Arista
I am an evergreen flowering perennial plant and i'm pretty hardy! I produce a tubular, orange flowers once a year if i flower. Useful to know: Or...
Wax Plant Australis
(aka Hoya 'Australis')
I have thick waxy looking round shaped leaves and white star-like flowers. Useful to know: Origin I am native to southern and central America. ...
String of Dolphins
(aka Senecio peregrinus)
I am a beautiful succulent with leaves that resemble dolphins jumping out of the water, hence my common name. I am also sometimes called Dolphin Ne...
Giant Taro
(aka Alocasia macrorrhiza)
My giant, bright green arrow-shaped leaves are the largest known un-split leaves in the world, reaching up to 2m in width in the wild! Useful to k...
Syngonium 'Trileaf Wonder'
(aka Syngonium Podophyllum 'Trileaf Wonder')
I am an unusual Syngonium variety with leaves that start light green and develop into a deep, glossy green as they mature. Useful to know: Origi...
Devil's Ivy 'Marble Planet'
(aka Epipremnum pinnatum 'Marble Planet')
I am a relatively new variety of Devil's Ivy and my closest cousin is the variegated version, Marble Queen. Useful to know: Origin A greenhouse!...
Philodendron Shangri-La
(aka Philodendron bipinnatifidum Shangri-La)
I am a super easy-going, fuss-free plant with glossy leaves that transform any space into a tropical paradise. Useful to know: Origin I come fro...
Basket Plant
(aka Callisia fragans 'Variegata')
My name means 'beautiful lily' in Latin but I'm actually a Tradescantia, making me a fast grower and easy to care for. I also get beautiful white b...
Mandarin Plant
(aka Chlorophytum Orchidastrum 'Fire Flash')
A member of the Spider Plant family, I am easy to care for and grow, but much more dramatic than my (slightly drab) cousins! Useful to know: Ori...
Dumb Cane 'Reflector'
(aka Dieffenbachia seguine 'Reflector')
I am prized for my almost luminous leaf pattern - my smooth dark green leaves are dappled with bright green splotches that look like they're glowin...
Chinese Evergreen 'Cutlass'
(aka Aglaonema 'Cutlass')
I am one of 21 members of the Chinese Evergreen genus. We are all tough, good looking and the perfect combo of striking foliage and low maintenance...
Pencil Cactus
(aka Euphorbia Tirucalli)
I am actually a succulent and not a cactus and have a myriad of common names - Milk Bush, Firestick Plant, Indian Tree Spurge and even Naked Lady! ...
Long Leaf Fig
(aka Ficus maclellandii 'Alii')
I am a new-ish cultivar, tougher and less of a diva than my Ficus cousins, I won't drop my leaves easily! My slender leaves make me a stylish addit...
Jewel Orchid
(aka Ludisia Discolor)
I have dark green oval shaped leaves, intricately decorated with fine white lines. When in bloom, I produce highly prized white flowers. Useful t...
Aechmea Tayoensis
(aka Tayo Vase Plant)
I have compact and broad, mid-green foliage, with a muted red, spiky rosette shaped flower. Useful to know: Origin I'm a rare find in the wild, ...
Madagascar Jewel
(aka Euphorbia leuconeura)
I have attractive, dark green foliage, with white veins when young. These will fade a little as I age but by that point I'll be so impressively bus...
Devil's Backbone 'Mystery Planet'
(aka Pedilanthus tithymaloides 'Mystery Planet')
I am a shrub-like succulent with zig zag stems and fleshy, softly variegated leaves. Useful to know: Origin I am from Central and South America....
Chinese Evergreen 'Crete'
(aka Aglaonema 'Crete')
I am a small-batch, patented Chinese Evergreen. If you see an Aglaonema at indoor plant shops, I'll probably be my more-common geen and yellow cous...
Urn Plant
(aka Aechmea fasciata 'Griffe')
My star quality is the long-lasting pink flower I produce, which contrasts nicely with my surrounding grey-green marbled foliage. In the wild, I na...
Pitcher Plant
(aka Sarracenia)
I have tall, narrow pitchers which attract insects with my bright colours and inviting scents, only to snap them up later! Useful to know: Origin...
String of Turtles
(aka Peperomia Prostrata)
I am a miniature member of the Peperomia family with delicate leaves that resemble the shell of a turtle, hence my common name. My delicately patte...
Neon Pothos
(aka Epipremnum aureum Neon)
I have the same elongated-heart-shaped leaves as other Pothos but I can be easily told apart by my electric yellow leaves. Useful to know: Origin...
Lipstick Plant 'Mona Lisa'
(aka Aeschynanthus 'Mona Lisa')
Like my famous namesake, I will keep you mesmerised and contemplative. My flowers are surrounded by dark green leaves, as though coming out of a da...
Linear Hoya
(aka Hoya Linearis)
I have long, flowing locks that promise to trail down bookcases and hang from ceilings. I may also produce little white flowers, seasonally. Usef...
Hawaiian Palm
(aka Brighmia Insignis)
I'm thought to be an unusual beauty. With my soft green leaves and a patterned trunk, I'll add a bit of quirkiness and structure to your home. Us...
Firework Begonia
(aka Firework Rex Begonia)
The loud, swirly patterns on my leaves are what gives me my common name. My leaves are soft too, so trace my spiralling colours with your finger wh...
Dino Begonia
(aka Dino Rex Begonia)
I have leaves that resemble dinosaur skin, hence my name. I'm pretty special too - if you ever see me available, snap me up! Useful to know: Ori...