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Leaves and small purple flowers on Blue rain Bromeliad
Blue rain bromeliad in a white pot
Blue Rain Bromeliad | Aechmea "Blue Rain- Image 3

Blue Rain Bromeliad

Aechmea "Blue Rain"

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The Blue Rain Bromeliad is a striking plant with vibrant blue and white, almost neon flowers that contrast beautifully with its red stems.

Due to their waxy nature, these blooms will last for a long time giving your home a lovely pop of colour! 

A close relative to the pineapple plants, its exotic looks will have no trouble drawing attention to itself.  

Growing Pot Size: 12cm diameter, 50m height including growing pot 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 40cm

Key Benefits — Self Confidence and Reflection

Seeing flowers bloom as an effect of our nurturing efforts on plants like the Blue Rain Bromeliad makes us feel more capable and confident to deal with life's difficulties. 

Engaging with plants is a lovely way to have a little reflection time and disengage from our busy lives.

Plant Care Tips: Blue Rain Bromeliad 

The Blue Rain Bromeliad is fairly easy to look after if you keep in mind it’s tropical native habitat conditions. They prefer rainwater rather than tap water and a bright space without direct sunlight. Humidity is also advised, mist it often. During the growing season, feed it with diluted liquid fertiliser. 

The Blue Rain Bromeliad Story

The Blue Rain Bromeliad is the type of plant that doesn't grow as much during the cooler months. But it will be back to its best in the Spring. 

Where is it from?

A new hybrid from Brazilian plants 

Who is the Blue Rain Bromeliad?

Like orchids, in their natural habitat, Bromeliads grow attached to trees so they have small root systems. 

Did you know?

The name ‘Aechmea’ comes from a Greek word that means “spear tip”.

Good For You!

  • Attention: We live surrounded by technology, social media and digital advertisements. It’s important to redirect our attention and recharge our focus! 
  • Colour: It’s important to surround ourselves not only with greens but a variety of different colours. The Blue Rain Bromeliad will add a splash of blues, purples and reds to your garden! 

Is The Blue Rain Bromeliad The Right Plant For Me?

Although it may look like a difficult plant to look after, it really isn’t! Even if you are just starting your plant collection, this is a great way of making a good impression in your home! 

Pets: Safe for pets

How tall does it grow? It will grow up to 40 cm high and 30cm wide. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 

Bring colour to your garden with the beautiful Blue Rain Bromeliad! Get yours today!