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Terrarium Plants

Start your collection of Miniature Ecosystems at home! Filled with tiny tropical, succulent and rare mini plants thriving inside an eco-glass container.

Want To customize your Terrarium? Unleash your creativity with DIY terrarium kits and bring a piece of nature into your home!

How it works

Pour Gravel

Add Active Charcoal

Mix and Add Soil

Finish Off with Plants

of Terrariums

of Terrariums

Easy to care for as terrariums are self nourishing.

Great Gift

Only Kid-Friendly Plants

Educate your kids about ecosystems and how they work

Brings joy and looks stylish anywhere at home

Pet Safe since the plants are inside the terrarium

Types of Terrarium Plants

Terrariums, whether crafted or purchased, offer a captivating way to bring nature indoors. The choice of terrarium plants is influenced by the type of environment you create, be it a sealed or open-top terrarium.

In the realm of closed terrariums, a self-sustaining microcosm is born within the container. The sealed top initiates a mini-ecosystem where water circulates through a natural cycle. As water evaporates from the soil and plants, it condenses on the jar's sides and returns to hydrate the enclosed greenery. At Bloombox Club, our closed terrariums often feature corks, ensuring an airtight seal. However, this sealed environment, while promoting self-sufficiency, can make the terrarium more prone to mold due to limited airflow. To maintain a healthy terrarium, it's advised to remove the lid for a full day every week, preventing excess moisture and mold formation.

Conversely, open terrariums foster a drier atmosphere, suitable for plants accustomed to arid, desert-like conditions. Unlike their closed counterparts, open terrariums allow water to freely evaporate from the top, necessitating additional watering from the caretaker. Less is more in this scenario – a gentle watering when the soil is thoroughly dry is ample. Adjusting to seasonal changes is key; more watering is required during summer, while winter demands minimal to no watering.

Discover the world of terrariums and their diverse plant companions. Whether you prefer the self-sustaining allure of closed terrariums or the hands-on care of open ones, Bloombox Club offers a range of curated options for every nature enthusiast


Terrarium Plant Ecosystems FAQ

What is a Terrarium Plant?

Terrariums are Cute Mini Green Worlds thriving inside special Glass Containers where small plants and the elements get together to recreate mother nature's cycles at a small scale!

These lovely Miniature Wonders are your own version of different Ecosystems at Home, each with their own self-nourishing systems and with little to no maintenance required.

Terrariums are like Mini-greenhouses! Small, enclosed environments with plants, that, together with the soil expel vapour and recycle water; this vapour condensates onto the walls and then flows down to the soil as little drops to nourish the roots of your plants again, this cycle repeats over and over! Isn't nature amazing?

How to create a Plant Terrarium?

You can build your terrarium in 4 easy steps!

1. Pour in the white Gravel as evenly as possible to create the drainage layer for your terrarium.

2. Next up is the Active Charcoal layer. This will protect your plants from mould.

3. This is the fun bit! Find a large mixing bowl and add your disk of Soil, along with 500ml of warm water. Watch as the soil expands (around 15 minutes) and then add to your terrarium.

4. Now for the piece de resistance..Plants! Remove your plants from their growing pots and create little wells in the soil to finish off your miniature Ecosystem.

What is included in the Plant Terrarium Kit?

Plants: Your terrarium will typically come with a set of 3 plants that can thrive together and from the ecosystem of your preference.

Glass Container: The glass jar is made of 100% recycled glass. You’ll also receive a cork lid, gravel, charcoal and compact soil to create the perfect mini jungle.

Cork lid (Option of 'With Light' or 'No Light'):

With Light: A little light with a switcher attached to the cork lid to illuminate your terrarium and add a touch of magic to your room at night.

No Light: If you prefer just the natural light, you have that option too!

How to care for a Plant Terrarium?

Light: It will appreciate bright indirect light which can be complemented with artificial light.

Water : Check the soil before watering, if it feels very dry, it needs a little hydration. You will likely only need to water it every few weeks.

Grooming: If the plants are growing tall, you can trim the leaves to keep their size.

Leaves: Remove any yellow and brown leaves to prevent diseases.

How long does a Plant Terrarium lasts?

If the Terrarium is well balanced, it can last for years.

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