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Tropical Indoor Plants

Tropical Indoor Plants

In our opinion, no indoor space is complete without a few (dozen) tropical house plants. Indoor tropical plants instantly bring a room to life, transforming any interior into a tropical jungle. Not only do tropical indoor plants add a vibrant pop of greenery to any room, but they also offer plenty of amazing wellness-boosting benefits. 

Tropical plants are thought to help purify the air, reduce your anxiety levels, lift your mood and more. Plus, caring for your tropical house plants is the perfect stress-busting hobby. So, whether you’re a fern fan, monstera mad or bonkers for bamboo, here at Bloombox Club we’ve got the ideal tropical house plants for you

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Fern soft to touch - Lace fern indoor plant delivery Lace Fern - Intricate soft plant
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Lace Fern

9 reviews
Monkey Mask Monstera Plant - Whimsical WonderMonkey Mask Monstera delivery- Nature Playfulness
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Heart shaped Satin Pothos | Scindapsus Pictus - Bloombox ClubHeart shaped plants for interiors - Satin Pothos
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Heart shaped Satin Pothos

£14.95 £18.99
Bird of Paradise Regina - Majestic Tropical plant for Striking DecorBird of Paradise plant - Indoor garden oasis
New in!
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Bird of Paradise Regina

Weeping Fig 'Kinky' plant - woody indoor plant Growing Weeping Fig 'Kinky' - woody plant online
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Rubber Plant 'Belize' Variety - Pretty Plant in PinkPink Rubber Plant online - Grow your Tropical Pink Beauty
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Rubber Plant 'Belize' Pink

Philodendron 'Sweetheart Brazil' - Heart-Shaped plantsSweetheart Brazil Philodendron - Heart Leaf Love in Green
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Philodendron 'Green Princess' | Philodendron 'Green Princess'Green Princess' Philodendron - vibrant tropical plant
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Philodendron 'Green Princess'

£18.95 £24.99
Golden Pothos - Vibrant Trailing Plant Golden Pothos plant - Lush Trails for vertical gardens
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Golden Pothos

2 reviews
Marble Queen Pothos | Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen' - Bloombox ClubMarble Queen Pothos Plant - indoor gardens
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Marble Queen Pothos

feng shui Good Luck Plant - Vibrant GreeneryGood Luck Plant - feng shui yellow and vibrant green
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Good Luck Plant

Velvety plant - Philodendron 'Micans' deliveryTrailing Philodendron 'Micans' plant online
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Tropical Indoor Plants FAQ

How Care For Tropical Plants?

All of our indoor tropical plants have detailed care guides on each product page. However, check out these general top tips to get started. You’ll quickly find that tropical indoor plant care is not so tricky after all! 


As you would expect, different tropical plants have different light requirements. It’s best to check the specific care instructions for each of your tropical plants but here are some useful guidelines to keep in mind.

If a plant is not getting enough light, it will start to lose its colour and grow leggy. Simply move the plant to an area with more light and you should see improvements within a few weeks. 

Whilst some tropical plants love direct sun, it can be too much for others. Check the leaves for any burns (crispy leaves, bleached colour) and if you find any, move your tropical plant into a shadier patch of your home!


Considering that these plants come from the tropics, it makes sense that they love humidity! Whilst there are some species that can adapt to drier air, most will really appreciate a more humid environment. 

One way of maintaining humidity is by misting these plants regularly. You can also try putting a tray of pebbles underneath your tropical plants to generate even more moisture. However, the easiest method is using an air humidifier which will do the job for you - one less thing to worry about!


In general, tropical house plants like to have consistently moist soil. However, there’s a fine line between optimal moist soil and soil that is waterlogged and may cause root rot. Before watering, make sure to check the top 5 cm of soil with your finger. 

If it is totally dry, give your plant a good soak until the water starts to drip out of the drainage holes, and wait 15 minutes before returning it to its home.

If there is any moisture in this layer, best to check back in a few days!

Are Tropical Indoor Plants Pet-friendly? 

Many tropical houseplants are toxic to pets so it’s important to check which ones won’t harm your cats and dogs if ingested. Fortunately, we have a selection of tropical indoor plants which are also pet friendly, meaning you can build up your indoor oasis, without worrying about your furry friends. Birds Nest Ferns, certain Orchids and the Zebra Plants are all great pet-friendly options that will bring that tropical vibe. 

Use our Categories section in the left-hand sidebar and tick Pet-Friendly Plants to filter out anything toxic and check out our selection of Pet-Friendly Tropical House Plants. 

How Much Water Do Tropical House Plants Need?

A good watering schedule is one of the most important parts of tropical house plant care. Water needs can vary from tropical house plant to tropical house plant so be sure to check out the care instructions for each individual plant. However, many tropical houseplants require a similar watering routine. 

Native to damp, humid tropical jungles, tropical house plants like to be kept evenly moist (but not waterlogged!). This can be a tricky balance at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it! Check the soil regularly and only give your plants a drink when the top 5 cm feels dry to touch. This usually equates to watering your tropical indoor plants around once a week, usually less in winter and a little more often in summer.

Do Tropical House Plants Need Humidity? 

Native to tropical rainforests and jungles, most tropical plants love humidity. There are a few ways you can achieve this in your home. Regular misting is a must, as well as keeping tropical plants grouped together to create a humid microclimate. You may want to consider placing your plants on a pebble tray or investing in a humidifier. 

You can also keep many tropical plants in the bathroom to take advantage of all that steamy humidity. However, just make sure your bathroom isn’t too draughty as some tropical plants don’t respond well to big drops in temperature.