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Close up of the Weeping Fig Kinky's leaves
Weeping Fig Kinky in a pink pot
ficus plant in a white glossy pot with 'feet'
Weeping Fig Kinky in a white plant pot
Weeping Fig Kinky in a pink pot
Weeping Fig kinky in a beige basket

Weeping Fig ‘Kinky’

Ficus Benjamina 'Kinky'

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The Weeping Fig ‘Kinky’ is an evergreen member of the Ficus family and it’s one of the most popular house trees available.

Somewhere between bush, shrub and tree, I have delicate branches with small, drooping leaves. My leaves are a rich green, with lighter green shading round the edges.

Growing pot size: 12cm diameter, 10cm height.

Overall plant height including growing pot:  5-10cm

Key Benefits - Purifying and Humidifying

Kinky is a fantastic air purifier, clearing many common household toxins out of the air such as benzene and formaldehyde, both found in everyday items such as sofa upholstery and wallpaper.

Weeping Figs are natives of humid environments, the more humid it gets, the more humidity it releases to the air helping relieve respiratory complaints and skin sensitivity.  

Plant Care Tips: Weeping Fig ‘Kinky’

Keep in a bright spot away from direct sun, and it will thrive. Be careful not to overwater it or the roots can drown. Only water it when the soil is dry. 

Kinky likes humidity so, it will appreciate a mist once in a while. Prune it if you want to keep its shape. 

The Weeping Fig ‘Kinky’ Story

The Weeping fig has been given its name due to its ‘weeping habit’ and it is also known as the Ficus Tree and Benjamin Tree. 

Where is it from?

Native to Asia and Australia. 

Who is the Weeping Fig ‘Kinky’?

Weeping Figs are the type of plant that, in its native environment gets its needed water supply not just from rainwater but also from atmospheric humidity.

Good For You!

  • Feel good!  This amazing plant is good for you in many ways! It purifies and humidifies the air, improves your surroundings as an ornamental plant and helps you connect with nature!  

Is The Weeping Fig ‘Kinky’ The Right Plant For Me?

A great choice for a modern home. Its leaves are not as large as its close relative, the Rubber plant, and it's much more tree-like! 

It’s also very adaptable when it comes to light, soil and climate. You’ll enjoy it for a long time! 

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children

How tall does it grow?  The natural Ficus benjamina can grow up to 20m tall in the wild, but as a house plant this Ficus will reach a maximum of up to 80cm tall. 

One of the most popular trees around and perfect for the modern home! Get your Weeping Fig ‘Kinky’ today!


Useful to know:


I am a a species of flowering plant in the Moraceae family, native to Asia and Australia.


I can eventually grow to a height of 2m.


I do not like direct sunlight as it damages my leaves, a mixture of light and shade is best.


I like humid conditions but beware of overwatering me.


I like to be kept warm, so temperatures between 16-24°C are ideal for me.


Fertilize me once a month in the spring and summer, and once every two months in autumn and winter.


I won't need much pruning. I keep my tree like form as I grow.


If the tips of my leaves are turning brown, and you know it's not due to overwatering, I might need more humidity. You can increase humidity around me by popping me on top of a damp pebble tray.


Keep me away from pets and children as I can be toxic.


I am a true long-life indoor plant: it'll be 10 years until I reach maturity.


*Decorative pot sold separately.