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Plant Subscription Box

Delivering wellness through plants

Plant Subscription Box
Plant Subscription Box
Plant Subscription Box
Plant Subscription Box
Plant Subscription Box
Plant Subscription Box
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What's inside?

  • Unique plant hand-picked by specialist growers
  • Perfectly fitting ceramic pot or basket
  • A series of beautifully printed booklets on how you can support your health and wellbeing through plant care
  • Quality surprise gifts added to your box every other month
  • Delivered to your door - no minimum term, postage included
  • Large and medium sized plants from across the globe
  • Get £50 to spend on plants* when you pay annually (read more)
Total:  Regular price £39.00 Sale price £468.00
Save £20 and get a £50 shop voucher

Love my classic subscription! Even bought an extra plant between my first and second month as I've been loving house plant parenthood!

5 stars Claire, via Trustpilot

Why You Should Subscribe

We have designed our new subscription programme with a strong focus on the wellbeing aspect of our lives.

In-depth scientific research proves house plants reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and boost mood. The latest book ‘Plant Therapy’ by Boombox Club founder Dr. Katie Cooper served as an inspiration to share knowledge and deeper understanding of the close relationship between plants, health and happiness.

You’ll enjoy a unique plant, a perfectly fitting pot and printed educational materials delivered to you monthly. Our range of plants delivered to your home includes a mix of medium and large plants (12-17 cm). We’ll also be surprising you with high quality gifts for you and your plant.

A Journey Through Plants and Wellbeing

Our complete 12 month subscription plan includes a wealth of educational materials on four key ways plants support health and wellbeing.

Months 1-3


Discover the environmental benefits of indoor plants, with unique varieties that will boost humidity, purify your air and keep debris away from your lungs.

Months 4-6

Restore: Nervous System

In the second quarter we work on your nervous system. We’ll deliver plants that help the body recover from stress and injury.

Months 7-9

Restore: Cognitive

Receive plants for focus, energy and clarity, and understand why being immersed in nature helps us complete tasks and perceive our own growth.

Months 10-12


You get the most out of our plants when you start to build a relationship with them. After a year with Bloombox Club you’ll have the tools to nurture yourself as well as your plants.

Start Your Subscription

Ready to begin your journey into a world of plants and wellbeing?

Plants and Wellness Course

Our plants and wellbeing course has been created by Dr. Katie Cooper, founder of Bloombox Club and author of the new book Plant Therapy.

Katie founded Bloombox Club after working as a psychologist and integrating plants into her therapeutic practice. Now, after years of research, she hopes to share her findings with as many people as possible through Bloombox Club.

Your Plant Subscription Box is themed according to 12 benefits of plants identified in Plant Therapy. Each box contains a booklet, written by Katie, which will help you get the most out of your plants and your environment.

£50 to Spend on Shop Plants

Every annual subscription includes a £50 voucher

With every annual subscription you'll get a £50 voucher to spend on plants, pots and accessories in our shop, so you can kickstart your green oasis.

Your voucher will be sent within 2 working days of subscribing.

* Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

You Asked, We Answered

What do I get with my subscription?
Every month you'll receive a beautiful hand-picked plant, a perfectly fitting ceramic pot or basket, a printed care card, and your monthly Plants & Wellness course booklet. Every 2-3 months, you'll receive surprise add-on gifts too, so watch out for those! Each plant and pot combination is specially selected by our team of experts, and remains a surprise until you get your reveal email.
When will I receive my first plant?
As soon as you place your order, our growers will be alerted and your plant will begin its journey to your front door. Deliveries usually reach UK customers within 3-5 working days.
Is delivery free?
Yes! Delivery to your door is included in the price. We deliver nationwide.
Are the subscription plants pet friendly?
We can’t guarantee that all of our subscription plants are pet-friendly. The sheer number of different substances that can be harmful to animals would make it impossible to offer the variety we have now. Lots of the Bloombox Club team have pets and subscription plants living under the same roof, but if you’re concerned, check out our pet-friendly collection.

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We love to see your Bloombox Club plants in your home!

I’ve been a subscriber for 5 months and have loved every plant so far and the different types of pot they have come with have added nice style to my flat :) My favourite plant is a tie between the parachute plant and the vanilla orchid. Highly recommend Bloombox Club!

5 stars Emma

Had 2 monthly classic subscription plants so far both Beautiful, delivery and packaging fantastic.The plants are really healthy looking and the pots they come with are great. Would definitely recommend.

5 stars Joanne

I never expected a plant subscription to be this easy! I got gifted one a few months ago and the quality and service have been simply outstanding. One of my favourite things are the pots – a pretty pot can make all the difference and Bloombox's are a work of art! Can't recommend highly enough :)

5 stars George

Reviews from Trustpilot, taken June 2020

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