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Hanging Plant Pots

Hanging Plant Pots

Finding some good quality, good-looking hanging plant pots is no longer a chore. At Boombox Club, we have sourced some of the best hanging plant pots on the market.

We have homes for all your hanging green friends that are made in a high-quality, artisanal way. Add some pops of beautiful colour to your home with our lovely range. These hanging pots come with aesthetic-looking hanging apparatus’ as well.

They are strong and durable and will be able to hold up plants of varying weights and sizes. Buy from our lovely range of hanging plant pots today and decorate your home with style. Read More

Boho Macrame Plant Hanger 'Peach' - Bloombox ClubPeach' Macrame Hanger - Boho Plant Display
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Macrame Plant Hanger 'Peach'