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Bathroom Plants

We know it's not always easy to find the right plant for your bathroom. That's why we've put together our top bathroom plants that will thrive in a humid environment. Bring your bathroom to life and feel fresh, calm and revitalised. Scroll down to see some of our favourites and get inspired.

Great Plants for Your Bathroom

When it comes to picking plants for a particular room in your house, consider the atmosphere you want to create. Certain plants are particularly good at fostering particular moods. Most experts will advise you to pick plants based on care needs, but this doesn’t take into account that all homes are different!

If you’re tight on floor space, hanging baskets are a great option for your bathroom - particularly as we tend to have ready-made hooks and railings for towels. Or, if your room receives enough indirect light, you could try one of our beautiful Calatheas. These statement plants will offer a pop of colour and sophistication to your bathroom.

Bright Indirect Light

Bring some life and a splash of colour into your bathroom with the Calathea Elgergras! This tropical indoor plant has green and purple leaves that spread open every morning to catch the sunlight. As they originate from tropical forests, they love humidity and a spot with some indirect light.

Another great option for well-lit bathrooms is the Golden Goddess Philodendron. With bright splashes of green and yellow, it’s sure to brighten your day (and your bathroom)! This robust plant is happiest in warm and moist spots with bright indirect light. Foster a revitalising atmosphere to help you get ready for your day.

If you’re lucky enough to have the space, fill it with one of our large Alocasia wentii plants. The Wentii’s upright stems give way to large, deep green leaves. Due to its top-heavy growth, psychologists say that this plant elicits a sense of safety that can help you feel truly at ease in your home. It’s a great plant for rooms with high humidity levels, like your bathroom.

Plants for Shady Bathrooms

If your bathroom doesn’t get too much sunlight, you may want to play it safe with a super easy-care variety. Snake Plants (also called mother in law’s tongue) are one step away from living sculpture, and need almost as little care! For dark bathrooms, the Zeylanica is a good choice because it’s able to tolerate low light conditions. Plus, it’s a superstar when it comes to air purification, so you can breathe easy while you bathe.

There are some great hanging options for shady spots too, if you don’t have a lot of floor space. Elegant ferns, like Boston Ferns, will help bring your space to life visually and atmospherically, with their powerful air-purifying ability. These plants love humidity, so they’ll work well in a steamy bathroom. Other great options include the Bird’s Nest Fern with its wavy, bright green leaves.

Do you have a bathroom shelf with an empty spot? The trailing vines of the Philodendron Scandens will give your bathroom an exotic touch. Their glossy, heart-shaped leaves might look whimsical, but don’t be mistaken – it’s a very resilient plant. Low light levels are not an issue for this little green wonder.

Create a Balance Using Plants in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms should feel clean and fresh. By offering a relaxed ambience, self-care and tranquillity will be encouraged. Plants can help with all of this! In the collection above you’ll find an edit of plants that, through their distinct characteristics, evoke a calming yet revitalising atmosphere. All of our collections, as well as our Plant Subscription Box, are informed by research on the science behind the wellbeing benefits of plants.

Introduce a Sense of Calmness

Humans are meant to live at close proximity to, and in harmony with, nature. This is no easy feat in our modern, urban lives, but you can bridge the gap by deepening the relationship you have with your plants. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule every few days to watch, interact with or care for your plants, and see if you start to feel a shift in your thinking.

The shapes and colours of plants can help shift the mood of your home. Bright green plants, for example, are associated with health and vitality. As the bathroom is where we go to get ready in the morning, preparing to take on the day, why not introduce some plants to give us that extra boost of energy?

Fresh and Clean Air

Our respiratory system can be supported through plants. These green wonders have tiny pores on their surface which are used for photosynthesis. These help filter nasties out of the air that could otherwise affect our respiratory health. Particularly those with a large surface area, like the Mother in law’s tongue or the Blue Star Fern, are good at improving air quality.

Lots of the plants in this collection come from tropical locations. By misting them once or twice a week, you’ll help them to act as natural humidity regulators in your bathroom. For those of you with dry skin or sinuses, these plants might help with some of the complaints you may experience.

You may have heard that plants ‘attract’ dust, which is true! But we prefer to think of plants as dust ‘catchers’! When you’re in your bathroom and you notice a little film on their leaves, simply wipe it off and thank your plants for keeping that debris out of your lungs ...