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Monstera Minima

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

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Rare Plant
Medium Care

The star of plant enthusiast posts on Instagram!

The Minima is often mistaken for a member of the Monstera family because its leaves have a similar shape, but it is in fact quite a rare species, not often found in the wild. The good news is, this rarity is not proportionate to sensitivity.

Unlike the Monstera Deliciosa, the Minima’s leaves show cuts from early stages, the vines grow sideways and can reach up to 12 inches in a growing season, it is a tough cookie and a fast grower so get ready to re-pot regularly!

The leafy, fast-growing Minima has been the star of plant enthusiast posts on Instagram - just check out #rhaphidophoratetrosperma If you want to make your plant-loving friends jealous, get snapping and make sure you tag us @bloomboxclub!

Key Benefits of the Monstera Minima

The plant’s photosynthetic abilities release oxygen in the air and help maintain steady levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Its leaves also have great dust trapping powers, keeping nasties away from your lungs!

Plant Care Tips: Monstera Minima

  • The Monstera Minima likes bright spaces but be careful with direct sunlight and cold draughts. Avoid temperatures below 12 ºC and above 30 ºC.
  • Let the top few inches of soil dry out in between waterings and avoid soggy soil to prevent root rot.
  • Make sure you give this plant plenty of humidity, mist the leaves often. You can also place the plant on a tray with wet pebbles.
  • Use a clean cloth to remove accumulated dust.
  • During the growing season, feed it with a general plant fertiliser once a month and once every e months in the colder seasons.
  • Remove any yellow or drying leaves to encourage better growth and don’t cut the aerial roots or the plant will weaken.
  • Repotting is recommended every 2 or 3 years, use a fresh well-draining organic soil mix.

The Monstera Minima Story

The Monstera Minima is a member of the Araceae family and it’s also known as Dwarf Monstera, Monstera Ginny and Mini Monstera.

Where is it from?

Originally from Southern Thailand and Malaysia.

Good For You!

  • Self-Esteem: Looking after the Monstera Minima and other plants, can help you develop a better and more compassionate relationship with yourself and others around you!
  • Relax: Being around nature and houseplants can help regulate our stress levels promoting relaxation and recovery.

Is The Monstera Minima The Right Plant For Me?

The Monstera Minima can be grown as a vining plant or up a supporting frame. Although it’s a fast grower, it won’t take as much space as other 'Monsteras'. 

It’s also easy to propagate in water and steam and leaves cuttings.

It’s a relatively low maintenance plant, but it can show signs of stress if not looked after correctly.

How tall does it grow? Up to 4m in height and 0.8m in width. 

Fact: I am often mistaken for a member of the Monstera family, hence my common name Monstera Minima or sometimes Piccolo. Some also mistake me for a Philodendron.

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

Grow your plant collection and knowledge with the beautiful Monstera Minima. Get yours today!

Monstera Minima Care Guide


I like bright light and can deal with direct sunlight so keep me near a window.


I prefer to have my soil moist in growing season and cut back in winter but I'm hardy and will forgive less frequent watering. I'd prefer that to overwatering please!


I'm happy with normal room temperatures. I like humidity so if you can, op me near other plants or in a humid environment, but don't worry if you can't - I'm hardy and can take it.


I love a high-nitrogen fertiliser dose once a month but only during growing season. Please don't feed me during winter.


I am a fast grower, so cut me back if I start taking over your home!


Because of my vigorous growth, I will need repotting at least once a year. I like well-draining soil with perlite/pumice and bark mixed in best.

Monstera Minima General Information


I come from Southern Thailand and Malaysia


I am a speedy grower and love to climb so get me some supports soon if you want me upright. I have been known to grow to 5m in the wild! If you let me trail, my vines will become a little leggy and the leaves may not split as nicely as if you hel


I am toxic so make sure my leaves aren't ingested by curious pets and kids.

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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On orders over £85.

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