How do subscriptions work?  

If you’d like to receive surprise plants and pots, you might be interested in our subscriptions: one plant, pot and care card delivered to your door once a month or once a quarter (3 month intervals).

We offer three subscriptions: Classic, Classic Plus and Connoisseur.

Classic comes in intervals of one month or once every quarter; the latter two only come once every quarter. You can pay for subscriptions annually (which is cheaper) or per order (which gives you total flexibility). 

How does the Shop section work?

If you’d like to choose your own plants, take a look at our Shop Plants. To jumpstart your collection quickly, you may want to look at the plant bundles in our Boost section. Our Shop section operates like any other online retailer.

Why should I subscribe?

As a subscriber you’ll receive hard-to-find plant varieties, a perfectly matched pot, care information, and delivery from Holland for £35. When The Independent reviewed us in 2018, they commented on the fact that our pots are ‘almost worth the cost of the subscription alone’. 

When will my subscription arrive?

Subscription boxes almost always arrive on Thursdays and Fridays. We order your plants once a week on Sundays, so if you place an order on Tuesday, you’ll be added to the following Sunday’s order list for delivery towards the end of the week after that.  

Before your delivery arrives, our couriers will email you with a one hour delivery window. Please follow the instructions given by them to change the delivery day or to leave any specific delivery instructions for them. 

When will my one-off shop order arrive? 

We aim to deliver all one-off shop orders within 5 working days. You will be emailed when your plant is shipped and the morning of your delivery.  

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to all postcodes in the UK. 

We may be able to send subscription plants to addresses elsewhere in Europe but please email us on hello@bloomboxclub.com before placing an order. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, we want you to be 100% happy with your order so you can cancel your subscription at anytime by logging into your account. Please note that cancelling your subscription will not halt any pre-paid orders.  

I have an issue with my order, what can I do?

If you think there is a problem with any of your plants, please send us a picture of your plant/pot and the packaging it arrived in (with your address label visible) within 3 days of receipt. We will replace plants that have been significantly damaged, but for superficial wear and tear, we may offer customers a discount code instead. 

As a rule, we do not offer refunds to customers for undamaged plants and pots. However, if you can send or hand deliver your items back to our Head Office in an undamaged state, we should be able to do so. 

My delivery hasn’t turned up

If you are expecting a delivery and it hasn’t shown up please contact our delivery partners in the first instance. If this fails, let us know by emailing us on hello@bloomboxclub.com. 

We endeavour to deliver on time, always, but sometimes things happen beyond our control and we will have to arrange redelivery or replacements for you. Due to the perishable nature of plants, we cannot take responsibility for missing deliveries if the customer has not contacted us within 3 days of the scheduled delivery date. 

My plant isn’t doing well

If you’re worried about the health of your plant, take a look at our Plant A-Z and make sure that you’re giving it the correct care. Often a lighter touch is best: most plants don’t like to be fussed with! 

We only work with reputable growers who undergo regular checks. However, if you think you have received an unhappy plant, please let us know within 2 weeks of receipt. Beyond this period, it is impossible to know whether health issues are due to the quality of care.