What is BloomBox Club?

We are a new plant subscription company. We want to bring gardening and enjoying outside spaces into the 21st century by offering convenience and the learning experience of gardening all in one handy bundle – your hassle free garden in a box!

How does it work?

Once a quarter we deliver a box to your door full of the best plants of the season for you to liven up your living spaces, inside or out. We also provide care cards to teach you about how to look after your new friends and have a blog and social media stuffed full of inspiration and tips. What are you waiting for? Let’s bring your green dream to life!

When will I get my delivery?

Currently we will deliver on the second Friday the month after you place your order – so if you order in May, you’ll get your Summer Box the second week in June. If that Friday isn’t convenient we will be able to suspend it until the following Friday. After that your boxes will arrive every three months on the same Friday.

This is a temporary system, we are hoping to be able to have weekly deliveries very soon – so you won’t have to wait quite so long to get green!

Can I change my delivery date?

If the first Friday of the month isn’t convenient, or you need to delay your quarterly delivery, please email us. We will always send you an email the week before your delivery to remind you that we are on our way!

What is the difference between Small and Large outdoor plant Boxes?

The plants in the Large Outdoor box are  slightly bigger, and might be better suited to people who already have gardens with borders, or who are planning to rejuvenate their established gardens. They have been chosen for the beneficial qualities they bring to a garden – scent, height, texture or attractiveness to wildlife and pollinating insects.

The Small Outdoor box is the perfect fit for any smaller urban outdoor space and very much renter friendly – each box is a selection of plants that will look beautiful planted up together in a window box or container. You don’t need to own your garden to invest in it – plants can move house with you!

That said, all our plants in the Large and Small Outdoors collection will be quite happy and look awesome in pots and containers until you do get a garden you can call your own to plant them out in.

What is Plant Craft?

We truly believe that gardening is good for you. Working with living things is amazing soul food. Our plant craft kits and subscriptions deliver you everything you need to create your very own living ornament to care for – there’s joy in the making and in the having. Not to mention the fact that they will look beautiful! You don’t even need an outside space to benefit from plants and gardening with our plant craft.

Where can I find gardening tips and inspiration?

 Our blog and social media is brimming with brilliant ideas and tips to help you learn about gardening and to inspire you to learn as you grow! We also have regular newsletters reminding you of things you can be doing to help your plants thrive at the right times of year. Don’t forget to let us see your creations by tagging us @bloomboxclub and #greendream

How does my subscription work?

 It’s easy – you choose the product you want, and choose how you want to pay (either by quarterly or yearly subscription) and we will take care of the rest! Expect beautiful plants and the information you need to care for them every quarter, along with regular reminders and ideas about when to do what – we want to teach as well as provide the means.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, we want you to be 100% happy with your order so you can speak to us at any time by emailing us hello@bloomboxclub.com (we promise we will also have a phone number soon) to see if we can help. You can also change or cancel your subscription at any time via your account. We do take payment 2 weeks before delivery though, so if you cancel within that period you will still get that quarters delivery.

I have an issue with my plants, what can I do?

If you think there is a problem with any of your plants, please send us a picture within 3 days of receipt of your delivery so we can have a look. Most plants will perk up once they are back in the fresh air, but damage is possible in any form of delivery and we will replace plants that have clearly been damaged beyond resuscitation, if the plant is only damaged superficially our usual policy is to offer a discount off future purchases rather than a replacement. (Don’t forget, some of your plants might look a little lacklustre, especially in colder months, but they may well just be waiting to wow you over the next few weeks – we’ll always let you know when and what to expect from your new friends!)

My delivery hasn’t shown up


If you are expecting a delivery and it hasn’t shown up please let us know immediately by emailing us on hello@bloomboxclub.com and we will investigate straight away and get a replacement to you within the week if necessary. We endeavour to deliver on time, always, but sometimes things may happen beyond our control and we will have to arrange redelivery or replacements for you.