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Hanging Plants

Vibrant trailing plants in hanging pots

Short on floor space? We've got you covered! Our lush hanging plants can go straight on a wall hook, railing or beam. Turn your home into a green oasis, no matter how much space you have. Fancy letting your hanging plants cascade from a surface instead? Simply unhook the hanger from your plant's growing pot and find a ceramic pot or basket to accommodate its overhanging lip.

Everything You Need to Know About Hanging Plants

No matter how skilled you are in interior design, we have a failsafe way to make your home feel relaxing and peaceful: plants! Of course, we think plants in general are an essential feature of a happy home, but hanging plants in particular are a bit of a game changer. Hanging plants add depth, colour, and dynamism to your home, and aren’t really comparable to any other household feature. Letting the trails of your plant cascade down will inspire awe in almost any visitor.

If you're getting excited and are already thinking about different hanging spots in your home (or garden), great! Before we really get into the depths of it, there are a few things you should consider. Each plant has environmental needs that should be satisfied. Before you get decorating, it's worth considering whether you're putting it in a place where you can water it easily? If not, maybe pick a drought-tolerant hanging plant, so you don’t have to climb the walls too frequently!

Thrives in Bright Rooms & Humid Conditions

Lots of hanging plants are epiphytic, which means they grow on trees and other plants. In those tropical environments, they get their nutrients from the air as well as their host plant. These exotic plants, like the Boston Fern, usually like higher humidity levels. The Boston Fern is considered to be one of the best air purifiers AND natural humidifiers around. Tending to this plant will bring you the extra benefit of a slightly cleaner environment.

Another exotic plant that loves humidity is the Staghorn Fern. As its name suggests, this fern has proud, broad fronds, making it a great feature plant (and much more humane than an actual Stag’s head). The green leaves can both trail and climb once they're long enough (if you want to train your trailing plant to climb, try one of our plant supports). Furnish your kitchen with this easy-care variety to enhance feelings of vitality and health.

The One That Doesn't Mind a Shady Spot

If you've got a dark corner in your living room that lacks natural sunlight, you can still bring it to life with a trailing plant, if you choose a more tolerant variety, like the Green Sweetheart Plant. Its heart-shaped leaves look whimsical, especially once the fronds start trailing out of the hanging pot. Since this tropical plant is easily pleased and grows quickly, it will fill that empty space in no time.

Best For Sunny Rooms

One of the most popular indoor hanging plants is the String of Pearls. This delicate succulent plant has long tendrils with pearl-like, fleshy leaves. The Senecio rowleyanus is a bit sensitive to watering, so think less is more. Just water it once the soil is dry and pop it into bright sunlight, then you'll realise how fast and easy it is to grow.

Outdoor Hanging Plants With Flowers

Brighten up your balcony or garden with some plants. If you're tight on space, or you want to add another layer to your green oasis, take a look at our range of Bellflowers! These plants have cute flowers all over their foliage through spring and summer. Not only do they look stunning, but they also provide nectar for any bees roaming nearby.

All of the Campanulas in this edit are very easy to look after. They're happiest when they get a good bit of sun and if you water them regularly. When flowers are dried up, cut them off to make room for new ones. With proper care, the plant will continue to flower in coming years as well. If you've got a few empty pegs, we'd recommend our Large Campanula Bundle.

How Do You Grow Hanging House Plants?

Like any houseplant or garden plant, giving the correct care depends on the needs of the specific variety. You can always go to the product page of your plant to get the essential info, but it's worth searching our blog and Plant Care A-Z guide too. We'll also send you a printed aftercare guide, including all the information you need for our most popular plant families.

The plants in this edit all come with hangers, so you can put them up as soon as they arrive. Even if you'd rather have a trailing plant on your mantelpiece or a shelf, it's easy to remove the hook. If you want to get really creative, you can also always get a hanging planter for any of our smaller plants.

Why Caring for Your Plants Is Self-Care

At Bloombox Club, we believe that caring for plants helps us be more compassionate to ourselves. That’s why when choosing plants for your home, it’s vital that you pick plants that resonate with you. We are hardwired to feel relaxed and restored in the presence of nature. A growing body of research shows that our mental and physical health can greatly benefit from plants. This means that plants are more than just beautiful décor! And we urge you to embrace this mutually beneficial and beautiful relationship.

Trailing plants are full of life, which means you’re more likely to connect with them and tap into the healing power of nature. When taking the time to care for your greenery, you're taking the time to switch off from everyday hustle and bustle. They're great at reminding us that we're part of a larger ecosystem. This can help us feel more grounded and get a new perspective on things.

When you discover sprouting flowers or new leaves, you'll witness the fruits (sometimes literal!) of your labour. Dusting, repotting, misting and watering are all opportunities to tap into the feeling of freely giving care. Seeing the effects of these actions can give us a sense of confidence, making us more able to tackle the big things in life. We say, take everything you can from your plants, because it’s all there waiting for you!