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Hanging Plants

Vibrant trailing plants in hanging pots

Short on floor space? We've got you covered! Our lush hanging plants can go straight on a wall hook, railing or beam so you can turn your home into a green oasis, no matter what how much space you have. Fancy letting your hanging plants cascade from a surface instead? Simply unhook the hanger from your plant's growing pot and find a ceramic pot or basket to accommodate its overhanging lip.

How do you grow hanging plants?

Like any houseplant or garden plant, giving the correct care depends on the needs of the specific variety. You can always go to the product page of your plant to get the essential info, but it's worth searching our blog and Plant Care A-Z guide too. We’ll also send you a printed aftercare guide, which includes all the information you need for our most popular plant families.

Lots of hanging plants are epiphytic, which means they grow on trees and other plants, and get their nutrients from the air, as well as the host plant itself. These plants tend to like humidity, like the Blue Star Fern and the Lipstick Plant.

Other trailing plants are actually succulents (or semi-succulent), which means they store water in their fronds. Semi-succulent hanging plants (such as the Dischidia oiantha ) don’t like too much moisture on their leaves, as it can cause rotting in excessive quantities.