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Embrace a refreshing plant care routine that you enjoy and upgrade the beauty of your home in easy ways!

Groom your plant's leaves with our stainless steel Scissors, give them some nutritious fertilizing food, and water them with the delicate flow of our stylish watering can. Find the best accessories to decorate your home, like our plant macramé hangers, the fun zig-zag plant support, and our essential oil diffusers in ceramic that will help you create that dream green environment you have been looking for!

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Organic Plant Food - Nourishment for a Healthy GrowthOrganic Plant Fertiliser - Natures Nutrition and Lush Greenery
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Coconut Compact Soil for Your Growing PlantsGardening Essentials -  Compact Soil for Lush and Thriving Plants
Save 13%
Houseplants Fertiliser - Nutrition Cone for Healthy and Thriving Plants
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Nutrition Cone Fertiliser

Aomori Hiba Pet Spray - Pet friendly Aromatherapy
Save 41%

Aomori Hiba Wild Incense Spray for Pets

£16.95 £29.00
natural Plant Fertilizer - essential nutrients for plants pokon
Save 40%

Green Plant Fertiliser

£8.85 £14.95
 Potting Mat - Indoor Gardening Essentials Potting Mat for Planting - Gardening Essentials Workspace
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Potting Mat

Aomori Hiba Wood Candle - Serene Natural Aroma Japanese Fragrance Hiba wood Candle -Essence for Relaxation
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Aomori Hiba Wood Candle

Garden Essentials online: 3 Tool SetGarden Tool Trio - Nurturing Greenery indoors
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3 Piece Garden Tool Set

Copper Fairy Lights for plants (100 Bulb)fairy lights - Enchanting Ambiance and nightime charm
Save 46%

Copper String Fairy Lights (100 Bulb)

£6.95 £13.00
 Garden Pruners  - Essential plant care tools High-Quality Garden Pruners for Plants
Save 44%

Garden Pruners

£9.95 £18.00
Aomori Hiba Balm | 15 g - Bloombox Clubjapanese Aomori Hiba Balm - natural wellness and aromatherapy
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Aomori Hiba Balm

White recycled plastic watering can from Elho
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Aquarius Watering Can

Garden scoop - Essential Gardening Tools for Precise Soil HandlingGarden Scoop - Controlled Soil Placement
Save 31%

Garden Scoop

£12.95 £19.00
Round Steel Watering Can -  Plant Care Functional Style
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Round Steel Watering Can

Silver String Fairy Lights (40 Bulb) - Bloombox ClubPlants Silver String Lights - Indoor garden Magical Glow
Save 30%

Silver String Fairy Lights (40 Bulb)

£6.95 £10.00
Aomori Hiba Pillow -Soothing Japanese ScentsAomori Hiba Wood Pillow - Natural Relaxation
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Aomori Hiba Pillow

Gardening Gloves - Protection and Comfort for Green Thumbs
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Gardening Gloves

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