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Glass Mister Bottle

Glass Mister Bottle

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Many of our houseplants come from the tropics where humidity is very high. To make sure they thrive in our drier home air conditions, it’s important to gently mist them to replicate their native habitat and boost humidity.

Made of durable brown glass and with 500ml capacity, our Plant Mister Glass Bottle is the perfect way of maintaining one of the most important parts of your plant care regimen. Plus, it looks super stylish! 

Misting your plants is also one of the mindful ways of interacting with your green friends and boosting your wellbeing! 

Top tip: Misting (as well as watering) is best in the morning as plants don’t like going to sleep with ‘wet feet’.

A great way to interact with your indoor oasis and boost your wellbeing! Get your Glass Mister bottle today!