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Palm Plants & Trees

Palms are an easy way to make your home feel more exotic and warm even in European winters. With their tall stalks, lovely green leaves, and elegant stature, palms add that warm ocean feeling. They always seem to be swaying in the breeze and can transport you to a tropical place.
Palms are pretty easy to care for and just require a bit of humidity replication to ensure they stay happy and healthy year-round.
They are excellent oxygen producers which makes them ideal for most home settings. Create a tropical paradise in your home with our lovely selection of palms. Read More

Palm Plants & Trees

Mini Parlour Palm - Small Tropical Plants Parlour Palm -Miniature green cascade
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Hawaiian Palm | Brighmia InsignisHawaiian Palm | Brighmia Insignis
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Hawaiian Palm

Fishtail Palm in fibre basket onlineLarge Fishtail Palm Tree - Statement Plant with Tropical Flair
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Extra Large Fishtail Palm

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Ponytail Palm 27cmPonytail Palm lights detail
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Janet Craig plant - interior tropical plants Janet Craig - shiny foliage plant
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Janet Craig Fragans


Bring a touch of the tropics to your home or garden with our spectacular selection of palm trees and plants. These robust plants are surprisingly versatile, and a great option for any room in your home. It’s important to consider your environment, but we believe that the most important thing is the atmosphere you’re looking to create. So, when it comes to picking plants, make sure you’re picking the ones that speak to you! Scroll down for more tips and tricks.

Palm Plants Bring a Touch of Tropics to Your Home

What comes into your mind when you see a palm tree? Holidays? Warmth? Relaxation? Well who couldn’t use a little more of that in their home! Palm trees bring a fresh, bold look, with minimal fuss on your part. The plants in this collection are super easy to care for, so they’re a great pick for plant newbies and seasoned plant owners alike. If you are just starting your own plant collection, these hardy palms will ease you into the joys of plant care. (Trust us, you’ll become an expert quicker than you’d think!)

Many of these plants come in different sizes, so you can choose what works best for your room, or get a whole family of plants - the Kentia Palm being a prime example. Larger palms make impressive statement plants, while smaller palms can soften up your desk. Pop a large palm in the corner of your living room to bring a splash of vibrancy, or group them with some other plants of different shapes and colours to create a bit of drama.

Palm Plant Care Quick Guide:


Moderate, indirect sunlight; avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf scorch. Ideal for bright spots slightly set back from windows.


Keep soil consistently moist. Water when the top two inches of soil are dry. Drain excess water after thorough watering.


Most palm plants thrive indoors. Some, like Majestic Palms, can be placed outdoors in mild conditions.


While resilient, palms prefer higher humidity. Occasional misting in the morning enhances glossy green leaves.


Apply balanced fertilizer weekly during active growth (spring to autumn) for optimal flourishing.

Pest Control:

Monitor for mealy bugs and spider mites. Treat with insecticidal soap or hose down outdoors if infested.


Trim only dead brown leaves to maintain plant health. Avoid excessive pruning, especially of green fronds, to sustain plant vitality.

Benefits of Having Palm Plants for Body and Mind

Surrounding yourself with greenery, whether that’s going for a walk or having your own green oasis at home, can benefit you in many ways. Plants can boost your mental wellbeing, and your physical health too! Each variant has its own characteristics, which influences how it will benefit you.

Air Purifier

As plants ‘breathe’ through their foliage, they filter toxins from the air, keeping them out of your airways. Our rule of thumb: the more surface area a plant has, the better it will absorb nasties. One of the best purifying plants out there is the Kentia Palm. It’s a no-fuss plant. Keep it in your living room or a dimly lit bathroom. It’s a beautiful green companion to have!

Another A+ student at air purifying is the Dragon Tree ‘Magenta’. This super durable plant has stunning leaves in shades of green to deep purple. Its compact size makes it a great feature for your desk - a simple way to improve the air quality of your office!

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

All of the plants in this edit have a lush green colour. Psychologists found that this colour triggers an evolutionary response that’s energising. In our collective subconscious, an association with health and vitality is deeply embedded. Having houseplants can help you create this positive atmosphere, making it a sanctuary to recharge your batteries and be ready for what’s next!

To help your plants flourish, you’ll need to give them a bit of your attention. Taking the time to report your plants, water them, or even touch their foliage will help you develop a nurturing relationship with nature. This will not just be beneficial for them, though – you’ll benefit too! Those who are already plant-obsessed will know that there is hardly anything more satisfying than seeing your plants grow and flourish!