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Kangaroo Fern | Microsorum Pustulatum 'Hound's Tongue'
Kangaroo Fern | Microsorum Pustulatum 'Hound's Tongue'
Kangaroo Fern | Microsorum Pustulatum 'Hound's Tongue'
Kangaroo Fern | Microsorum Pustulatum 'Hound's Tongue'

Kangaroo Fern

Microsorum Pustulatum 'Hound's Tongue'

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Are you wanting to bring some lively vibrancy to your home?

Looking for a plant that stands out from the crowd?

Do you want to fill that space in your home with some Aussie energy?

The Kangaroo Fern could be just the plant you're looking for.

Kangaroo Fern

Key Benefits  A Pretty Sheila Indeed

Hailing from Australia and New Zealand, the plant takes its name from the shape of its leaves. Not, as you may think, from its country of origin.

The Kangaroo Fern's leaves may vary in shape and size in its youth, but grow to be broad and flat like a Kanagaroo's toe.

And when it hits its stride, this little Sheila can grow to be not so little, reaching over 100 centimetres in size. That makes it suited to a place where it can be left to thrive.

  • Liven up any room with this beautiful vibrant green plant.
  • Gleaming fronds with a rugged surface will leave you feeling close to nature.
  • Beautify your home straight away with the complimentary hanger!

Plant Care Tips: The Kangaroo Fern

The Kangaroo Fern is used to the hot humid environments of its native Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, replicating these conditions will allow it to thrive.

Keep it warm in the warmer months, at least 21°C. During winter it can endure a slightly colder time of it, around 16 or 17°C. 

Find your Kangaroo Fern a medium-to-bright spot where it isn't exposed to any direct sunlight. Make sure to water when the top of the soil starts to dry out.

  • Growing pot size: 17cm plus hanging hook. We advise buying a larger decorative pot size as the lip of the hanging pot makes it slightly bigger.
  • Overall plant height including growing pot: 30-40 cm
  • Pets: Pet friendly! 
Kangaroo Fern

The Kangaroo Fern Story

Where Am I From?

G'day mate! With a name like this, how could I be from anywhere else?

More specifically, they say I'm epiphytic, but what does that even mean? Well, it's just a way of saying that I like to stick to the surface of other big plants in the wild. But don't worry! I'll do just fine in a simple hanging basket in your home :)

Although I'm not as demanding as some other ferns when it comes to water, you gotta do your best to keep me watered. I can dry out a little between waterings, but don't keep me that way for too long! 

Who Am I?

Although I may be a bit odd in my youth, my leaves really come into their own as I reach adulthood. They're long, broad and look like a wallaby's toe! Or so I'm told. Other people think it's a little like a Hound's Tongue, it's all in the eye of the beholder!

Nevertheless, my fronds are a vivid green that will brighten up any room. Give me some space to grow though as I can get pretty big if I'm allowed to reach my full potential.

I do like a bit of sun, but not too much. Don't put me right next to a window, I won't do well there. Some indirect sunlight will do me fine.

Why I'm Good For You!

  • Vitality: my vibrant green foliage has been scientifically proven to make you feel good! By triggering an immune response in your brain, I can cause you to feel vital and healthy, just like me!
  • Perspective: I am alive, and this very fact has a significant impact on your general awareness. By being in the presence of plants, you can feel more embedded within the ecosystem. This can give you the sense of being a part of something living and breathing!
Kangaroo Fern

Is The Kangaroo Fern The Right Plant For Me?

The Kangaroo Fern is a must-have if you like vivid lively plants that thrive to wild extents if you treat them right.

Full of personality and its own unique beauty, the Kangaroo Fern will flourish if left in warm humid environments. 

Why not take a chance on this Aussie gem and give it the love it deserves. We know it won't disappoint