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Calathea Plant
Calathea plant in a grey pot
Prayer plant in a pink pot
Calathea Never Never plant in a white pot
Calathea plant in a grey crackled pot

Calathea Plant

Ctenanthe Burle-Marxii Amabilis

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This striped calathea was named in honour of Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. Historically found in the Brazilian rainforests, this plant is now more widely spread. Like other calatheas, this plant has top air-purifying qualities.

I have gorgeous fishbone markings on my leaves.

Growing pot size: 12 cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 25-30 cm 

Key Benefits of Prayer Plant:

As part of its photosynthesis, the Calathea Never Never filters impurities like cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes from the air and transforms it into the oxygen we breathe! 

Tropical plants are used to humid conditions, if they’re kept in the correct conditions, they act as natural humidifiers in your home! 

Prayer Plant Care Tips:

The upkeep of Tropical plants can be quite challenging for those living in cooler temperatures, but if you know and give what it needs to survive, it will thrive as a houseplant.

  • The Calathea Never Never likes to be watered often. Make sure the soil is moist but not soaked.
  • Humidity is also important for tropical plants. If your home is prone to dryer air, a humidifier is a good help. If that’s not possible, leaving the plant pot on a tray with pebbles and water and misting it occasionally is also beneficial.
  • The ideal temperature will mirror its tropical environments; 13ºC to 29ºC is perfect. Keep the plant away from cold draughts. 
  • Keep it in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight. 
  • The best soil for the Fishbone prayer plant is a nutrient-rich, well-draining mix. 
  • Feed it monthly during the growing season with a water-soluble fertilizer
  • You will only need pruning if you want to control its size.
  • You can remove dust using a clean soft cloth. 
  • Repot the Calathea Never Never during spring every 2 years, or once the roots start outgrowing the pot. 

The Calathea Never Never Story

Where is it from?

A native of Central and South America, especially Brazil 

Who is the Calathea Never Never?

The plant is also known as Fishbone Prayer Plant due to its long oval greyish green foliage with fishbone pattern.

Another one of its nicknames is ‘Prayer Plant’ due to the way the leaves close upwards during the night.

Good For You!

  • Sleep: The Calathea Never Never is affected by circadian rhythms. It produces more oxygen at night promoting a better nights’ sleep.
  • Breathe: Ctenanthes are great at purifying and humidifying the air helping maintain your respiratory system’s good health!

Is The Calathea Never Never The Right Plant For Me?

The Ctenanthe Burle-Marxii Amabilis requires conditions that replicate its tropical natural habitat. It’s important to nurture it with the correct levels of light, water, humidity, temperature and soil.

It can be a challenge for new plant parents but once you learn how to give it the correct care, it will be a rewarding experience! 

Pets: Pet friendly. 

How tall does it grow? A slow grower, it will rarely grow taller than 30cm 

Useful to know


I am native to Central and South America.


I can grow to about 15" in height quite easily but taper off a little after that.


I like a lot of diffused light, but direct sunlight will cause the leaves to fade and lose my precious markings. Because I grow on the canopy floor, I can tolerate shade, but I grow much better with indirect light.


I like my soil to be moist, but I am also susceptible to root rot, so don't let me sit in water. Think little and often as a watering policy.


I prefer warm to high temperatures, ideally between 18-23°C but I can cope with as low as 15°C. Keep me away from draughts.


Apply a weak dose of a nitrogen rich foliage fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.


Wipe my leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust, so that I can breathe properly.


I like humidity so please occasionally spray me with water.


Good news: I am pet friendly!

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