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Hardi Elephant Ear's large green and purple-y leaves  and light green stems
Hardy Elephant Ear in a basket
Close yo of Hardy Elephant Ear's leaves
A close up of a large green heart shaped Hardy Elephant ear
Detail of Hardy Elephant Ear
Hardy Elephant Ear in a beige and black basket
Hardy Elephant Ear in a beige and black basket
Tall Hardy Elephant Ear in a beige and black basket

Hardy Elephant Ear

Alocasia wentii

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The Alocasia wentii has multiple upright stems which give way to large deep green leaves, which are often likened to Elephant Ears. Their undersides have a metallic shade of purple that is just stunning!  

They're a great way of adding structure to your plant collection, all this Alocasia asks for in return is warmth and humidity.

Choose from 2 sizes: 

Large: Growing pot size is 19cm. Overall plant height including growing pot: 55-65cm

Extra Large: Growing pot size is 24cm. Overall plant height including growing pot: 70-80cm

Key Benefits — Safety and Security!

Because of our natural attraction to savannas, plants with top-heavy growth habits like the Hardy Elephant Ear are considered to inspire feelings of safety and security.

Plant Care Tips: The Hardy Elephant Ear 

The hardy Elephant Ear isn’t hard to look after with the right care. They prefer bright indirect light, warmth (between 13º and 30ºC) and humid conditions. Allow the soil to dry between waterings and let it drain afterwards. Feed it monthly during the growing season.

Damaged or dead leaves can be pruned and only repot it when the plant is considerably rootbound. 

The Hardy Elephant Ear Story

Its growth may slow down in the colder months, don’t worry. It will flourish again in the spring.

Where is it from?

Found naturally in the mountains of New Guinea.

Who is the Hardy Elephant Ear?

This plant is called  ‘Hardy Elephant Ear’ due to its tolerance in colder temperatures. Other nicknames include New Guinea Shield and Purple Umbrella.

Did you know?

The Alocasia wentii is a crossbreed between Alocasia Odora and Alocasia Gageana. 

Good For You!

  • Hydrating: Plants with large surface areas like the Alocasias require more water to grow. Because of this, they also expel more water during transpiration, increasing the air moisture. Perfect if your skin is on the dry or sensitive side. 
  • Dust trapping: Larger leaves are also excellent dust trappers, keeping toxins away from your lungs! 

Is The Hardy Elephant Ear The Right Plant For Me?

The Hardy Elephant Ear is considered one of the easiest varieties of Alocasia to look after, even so, some experienced gardeners believe that they may not be the right choice for beginners. 

We couldn’t disagree more! It can be a little challenging due to its humidity and water needs but with dedication and the correct care, this plant will bring you rewarding benefits! 

Toxicity: Keep it away from pets and children. If you have sensitive skin, it may be a good idea to wear gardening gloves when handling it as its sap can be slightly irritating for some. 

How tall does it grow? With the correct care, it can reach up to 2 ft high. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 

A lovely plant that will bring the tropics to your home and look after your wellbeing! Get your Hardy Elephant Ear today!