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Mikado Plant

English name:

Mikado Plant

Latin name:

Sansevieria Bacularis

About me:

I have spindly but strong dappled green fronds, which are either cylindrical or pointed, like witches' fingers.

Useful to know:


I can be found in the arid regions of Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia.


I can grow up to 60-100cm indoors.


I prefer bright light with some sun and shade, although I'm pretty hardy and can cope with sun and shade.


I'm a succulent and store water in my foliage, just water when the soil becomes dry to the touch. Too much water can cause my root and base to rot.


The optimal temperature for me is between 15-25 C. In my dormancy period I prefer a lower temperature of 13-15 C.


Feed me in spring with a general fertilizer; use half the diluted strength suggested on the container.


I need little grooming. 


Make sure I have free draining soil and keep my fronds free of dust to help maximise my air purifying powers.


Best to keep me away from pets and children


I produce copious amounts of oxygen throughout the night, making me an excellent plant to keep in the bedroom. Click here to buy Fernwood Mikado Plant.

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