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Areca Palm

English name:

Areca Palm

Latin name:

Dypsis lutescens

About me:

My many stems form a fountain of arched green leaves. I was once endangered but, thanks to my growing popularity, I am no longer at risk of extinction.

Useful to know:


You can find me in various tropical and subtropical regions in the world. However, some members of my family are in Southern France and parts of New Zealand.


I grow between six and ten inches every year and can grow as tall as seven feet high. Once mature, I become very valuable so nurture me well!


Pop me in a room that has lots of light, please! But don't let me sit in direct sunlight because my leaves will burn.


Keep my soil lightly moist when the weather is hot and dry, but I'll need watering less frequently in winter.


I am more tolerant of the cold than some other indoor houseplants, but I'd still like it to 13 degrees centigrade or more.


Give me some liquid fertiliser during the growing season.


Remove any dying stems to help keep me healthy.


Place me on a shallow gravel tray filled with water and mist regularly. A spell outside in warm summer rain would go down a treat.


Good news: I am pet friendly!


I'm a great humidifier, so I'll keep your skin from becoming too dry in Winter.

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