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Silver Sword Philodendron

English name:

Silver Sword Philodendron

Latin name:

Phildendron hastatum

About me:

My common name refers to my silver-blue-tinged leaves and sword-like leaf shape.

Useful to know:


I come from the tropical forests of Brazil.


I can grow to about 1m in height indoors.


Bright, indirect light suits me best but I can handle lower light levels too. Click here to buy Silver Sword Philodendron.


I like my soil to kept moist but never wet.


Room temperatures of 16-24°C are perfect.


Feed me once a month between spring and autumn.


I like the occasional shower to get the dust off my leaves and get refreshed.


In the wild I'm a climbing vine so I will eventually need a support to grow upright in your home.


I am toxic so please don't eat me.


Although you can buy me as a houseplant grown in Europe, I feature on the Red List of endangered species in my native country Brazil.

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