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Money Tree

English name:

Money Tree

Latin name:

Pachira aquatica

About me:

I'm a super-hardy tree often going by the names Guiana Chestnut or Saba Nut. According to Feng Shui, I will bring positive energy, prosperity and good fortune.

Useful to know:


I come from Central and South America


In the wild I can grow up to 20m tall! Indoors, my growth will be regulated by my pot size


I prefer bright, indirect light, but I will tolerate some degree of shade. No direct sunlight, please


Water me when my soil has become slightly dry at the top, probably about once a week


I should be fine in most households, but please don't put me in a room with temperatures lower than 10°C


Feed me once a month with a balanced fertiliser during the Spring and Summer


Wipe my leaves occasionally to remove accumulated dust


I have fragile stems, so don't be dismayed if I lose some leaves


Good news: I am pet-safe!


In East Asia, I am often given as a wedding present because I am thought to bring good fortune!

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