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Banana Tree

English name:

Banana Tree

Latin name:

Musa Tropicana

About me:

I am prized for my compact symmetry and paddle shaped leaves. Though I can grow bananas in the wild, you are unlikely to see any from me in your house.

Useful to know:


I am originally from the tropics of Australia and South East Asia.


I am a fast grower and can grow to 2m tall.


I like a sunny spot, with a bit of direct sunlight.


I like a lot of water but don't ever leave me sitting it it as this will turn me brown. I'm also partial to misting.


I need protecting from the cold so if you've taken me outside during the summer, please bring me indoors during winter.


Fertilise me slightly every fortnight during spring and summer, once every month at other times.


I need little grooming, just be careful of my leaves which are super delicate and can tear easily. Click here to buy Banana Tree.


My big leaves grow quickly but they also tear easily so keep me out of the wind if outdoors.


I am perfectly pet-friendly!


I can produce flowers and from those a banana fruit, but the conditions have to be perfect, so this is unfortunately unlikely in the UK!

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