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Plantcare from A‑Z

Grow your green fingers with our massive A-Z of plants - find all the care tips you need to keep your plants happy

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Footstool Palm
(aka Livistona Rotundifolia)
I'm a great way of adding a touch of the tropics to your home. My long green leaves wouldn't be out of place on the Caribbean coast but I am pretty...
Money Tree
(aka Pachira aquatica)
I'm a super-hardy tree often going by the names Guiana Chestnut or Saba Nut. According to Feng Shui, I will bring positive energy, prosperity and g...
(aka Yucca Elephantipes)
I have long, sword-like, yellow-green, arching leaves, which grow into a rosette from the top of a bare trunk. Unlike other Yucca varieties, my lea...
Banana Tree
(aka Musa Tropicana)
I am prized for my compact symmetry and paddle shaped leaves. Though I can grow bananas in the wild, you are unlikely to see any from me in your ho...
Silver Sword Philodendron
(aka Phildendron hastatum)
My common name refers to my silver-blue-tinged leaves and sword-like leaf shape. Useful to know: Origin I come from the tropical forests of Brazi...
Areca Palm
(aka Dypsis lutescens)
My many stems form a fountain of arched green leaves. I was once endangered but, thanks to my growing popularity, I am no longer at risk of extinct...
Mikado Plant
(aka Sansevieria Bacularis)
I have spindly but strong dappled green fronds, which are either cylindrical or pointed, like witches' fingers. Useful to know: Origin I can be f...
Rubber Plant Belize
(aka Ficus elastica 'Belize')
I am a stylish variety of the Rubber Plant with broad cream and green leaves have tints of pink and burgundy when young. Useful to know: Origin I...
Weeping Fig 'Kinky'
(aka Ficus Benjamina 'Kinky')
Somewhere between bush, shrub and tree, I have delicate branches with small, drooping leaves. My leaves are a rich green, with lighter green shadin...
Coral Cactus
(aka Euphorbia Lactea Cristata)
I might look like a come from the sea, but I am actually a succulent hybrid. My tough steam gives way to a prickly fan, coloured either green or pi...
Dragon Tree
(aka Dracaena marginata 'Magenta')
Often mistaken for a palm tree, I am actually a relation of the Yucca. I'm hardy, durable and an awesome air purifier. Tall and slim, I create an i...
Gold Dust Drac
(aka Dracaena Godseffiana)
I'm a shrub-like indoor plant, distinguished by large, bold leaves coloured bright green with contrasting yellow speckles. As I mature my speckles ...
Green Sweetheart Plant
(aka Philodendron scandens)
My beautiful heart shaped leaves are what gives me my name. I am often mistaken for a pothos but the tips of my leaves are pointier and glossy. U...
Lipstick Plant 'Japhrolepsis'
(aka Aeschynanthus 'Japhrolepis')
I am a bushy, trailing plant with long slim green leaves, glossy in texture. I can produce red flowers which will look as though they're coming out...
Philodendron Imperial Red
(aka Philodendron Imperial Red)
I am a decorative foliage plant with large leathery leaves. When my leaves come out they are bright red but they'll darken as they mature, turning ...
Strawberry Geranium
(aka Saxifraga stolonifera)
I'm a quick grower, perfect for indoors or out. Contrary to my name, I am not part of the strawberry family. Useful to know: Origin I am native t...
Bird of Paradise
(aka Strelitzia reginae)
I am grown for both my large oval leaves and flowers, although you're unlikely to see me flower indoors. I'm quite rare a find - you'll mostly come...
Banana Plant
(aka Musa acuminata Dwarf Cavendish)
Although you're unlikely to get any fruit from me when grown indoors, my huge, beautiful, paddle-shaped leaves with burgundy or purple blotches mor...
Panda Plant
(aka Kalanchoe tomentosa)
These gorgeous succulents have velvety, fleshy leaves that are super soft to touch and can produce small red, pink, yellow or orange flowers. Kalan...
Croton Nervia
(aka Codiaeum variegatum Nervia)
I am one of the boldest houseplants around with rainbow-coloured foliage being my stand-out feature. Who needs flowers when you've got leaves like ...
Croton Mammy
(aka Codiaeum variegatum ‘Mammy')
I am one of the boldest houseplants around with multi-coloured foliage being my stand-out feature. I may reward you with flowers if kept in warm, b...
Sensitive Plant
(aka Mimosa Pudica)
I'm famous for my shy sensibility. If you run your fingers along my leaves, they'll clam up, bashfully. To look after me well, keep me in a warm, h...
Philodendron Shangri-La
(aka Philodendron bipinnatifidum Shangri-La)
I am a super easy-going, fuss-free plant with glossy leaves that transform any space into a tropical paradise. Useful to know: Origin I come from...
Mandarin Plant
(aka Chlorophytum Orchidastrum 'Fire Flash')
A member of the Spider Plant family, I am easy to care for and grow, but much more dramatic than my (slightly drab) cousins! Useful to know: Ori...
Chinese Evergreen 'Cutlass'
(aka Aglaonema 'Cutlass')
I am one of 21 members of the Chinese Evergreen genus. We are all tough, good looking and the perfect combo of striking foliage and low maintenance...
Pencil Cactus
(aka Euphorbia Tirucalli)
I am actually a succulent and not a cactus and have a myriad of common names - Milk Bush, Firestick Plant, Indian Tree Spurge and even Naked Lady! ...
Jewel Orchid
(aka Ludisia Discolor)
I have dark green oval shaped leaves, intricately decorated with fine white lines. When in bloom, I produce highly prized white flowers. Useful t...
Madagascar Jewel
(aka Euphorbia Leuconeura)
I have attractive, dark green foliage, with white veins when young. These will fade a little as I age but by that point I'll be so impressively bus...
Chinese Evergreen 'Crete'
(aka Aglaonema 'Crete')
I am a small-batch, patented Chinese Evergreen. If you see an Aglaonema at indoor plant shops, I'll probably be my more-common geen and yellow cous...
Lipstick Plant 'Mona Lisa'
(aka Aeschynanthus 'Mona Lisa')
Like my famous namesake, I will keep you mesmerised and contemplative. My flowers are surrounded by dark green leaves, as though coming out of a da...