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Coral Cactus

English name:

Coral Cactus

Latin name:

Euphorbia Lactea Cristata

About me:

I might look like a come from the sea, but I am actually a succulent hybrid. My tough steam gives way to a prickly fan, coloured either green or pink.

Useful to know:


South America.


I can grow as high as 63cm but I won't get that high quickly!


I like 3-5 hours of full sunlight a day.


Water me very sparingly in Spring and Summer, and hardly at all in Winter. Do not let me sit in water.


Average indoor temperatures should be fine for me, just keep me away from draughts.


I'm not too hungry but I'd like a bit of fertiliser during Spring, my growing season.


Wipe my leaves clean every few months to allow me to breath properly.


Please be careful handling me as I contain latex which is an irritant.


Best keep me away from children and pets, because I am spikey.


My coral-crown is called a crest, and is the result of a rare mutation in Euphorbia lactea. Click on the links to buy Coral Cactus Pink or Coral Cactus Green.

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