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Madagascar Jewel

English name:

Madagascar Jewel

Latin name:

Euphorbia leuconeura

About me:

I have attractive, dark green foliage, with white veins when young. These will fade a little as I age but by that point I'll be so impressively bushy you won't mind at all!

Useful to know:


I'm from Madagascar of course!


I can grow up to 1.8 metre in height!


I prefer lightly shaded to part sunny places with some morning sun, evening sun and winter sun. Direct sunlight can cause my leaves to burn.


Water me once a week during the growing season. In winter, water once or twice a month.


I don’t like the temperature around me to be less than 15°C.


Succulent-specific plant food is ideal for me, but diluted all-purpose plant food will do nicely too.


As my flowers fade, remove them and I'll redirect my energy elsewhere.


I'm a very easy plant to care for, as I'm technically a succulent.


I am a toxic plant, not to touch, but if my leaves or stems are damaged the sap can be an irritant. Keep me away from pets and children.


For propagation I shoot my seeds several feet into the air! Be aware the seeds may land in nearby potted plants and begin to grow; they are easily removed and can be transplanted.

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