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How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive in Winter

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Although the Winter Solstice has been and gone and your Christmas decks are (probably) stowed away, the coldest weeks of winter may still be ahead of us. To keep yourself ticking along, we recommend cosy telly, lunchtime walks and plenty of treats. As for your plants, scroll down for some of our top winter survival tips.

Don't divide or repot

Between October and March, growing slows right down and some of your plants even become dormant. The goal at this point in the year is to keep your plants cozy and avoid taking any unnecessary risks like dividing or repotting.

Reduce watering

Plants convert light, water and carbon dioxide into energy. As plants receive less light during winter, you should also reduce the amount of water you give them as they won't be processing it as effectively.

Be mindful of temperature

In an ideal world, plants would be kept in a consistently warm environment, all year round. We know that that's not always possible, and so do our expert growers who optimize our plants for normal homes. But, if you can, keep your indoor plants in rooms that don't suddenly get really warm when you light a fire or turn the radiators up as consistency is the key to happy plants. 

It's also worth thinking about where your plants are in relation to doors and windows that open onto the cool outside world. Drafty areas can be problematic for your plant collection. 

Give your plants a gentle dusting 

Your plant takes in carbon dioxide and expels oxygen through its leaves. While you’re reviewing your plant collection, take the opportunity to make sure each leaf is free of dust and debris so it can photosynthesize properly, and help purify the air in your home.

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